Questions about memory techniques for university



I am going to enroll at university this September and have several questions concerning mnemonic techniques.

  1. I know that there are ways to memorise “simple” information (names, numbers) very quickly. But can those, like technique of loci, even be adopted for learning at University? How does one memorize large quantities of information with those techniques?

I have seen a video about a man that claimed to have mastered to master´s degrees simultaneously (and still had more free time than others.

  1. I have conducted some research, but haven´t found any promising manuals for practicing those techniques. Do you know any good ones?

  2. My course starts on September 20. Is there enough time to practise those techniques properly (one hour a day)?

I´m eager to receive your answers and tips :slight_smile:

Thank you very much


Practicing for 1 hour per day will give you great results. You will use loci technique when storing information. You should check out the Art of Memory software when it comes out, there you can place things you wanna store in your journeys that you have created there.

Hope that helped!