Question for people who use major system or it’s derivatives and use more 3 or more objects per locus

Can you give me some examples of how you put 3+ objects at a locus?

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I open the door to a palace, in the front entrance there are two pillars, on the bottom of the right pillar there appears to be a tanuki and a stereo, on the left of the pillar there appears to be a cable swirled around the pillar with a plug at its end, for some reason that pillar also appears to be submerged in water. The tanuki appears to be scared of the other pillar, perhaps the fear of being electrocuted.

In short, there are two main parts,

  1. I group objects, not grouping them, for example having them all be along a red carpet in a line makes my memory fuzzy.
  2. I have them interact with the location, that, makes them much more memorable than if they do not. An example would be having the tanuki’s paws be dirty so that it leaves marks on the floor, etc.

submerged , water, pillar, tanuki, stereo, cable-plug.

Sorry, forgot to ask, is this an image you would use at speed?

No, but it could be if it’s for text. I just made up the location and objects on the spot in about 2 seconds.

Do you practice for speed and if so how many objects do you use per loci?

Usually a single group of 3 objects per loci and yes speed and memorability.

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