Question for anyone whose read moonwalking with einstein

In chapter 5 of memory Palace. Joshua foer talked about his friend Lukas preparing for biggest exam. He prepares for exam in a couple of hours. I know all tequniques like linking, loci…but how can I use them for my education. How can I plan for exam.

Well… you place the information you need there. Basically…


I have the same question. Could someone help us?

it is my question too.

Hi @Nmosina,

You will need to be more specific than that. What exactly are u looking for?

Since @Shady question was about exams,which subject do u want help in?

If u r looking for text memorization,pls. check out the foll. links:

In case there’s anything else,dont hesitate to ask…Cheers🙂

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@HigherLearning, thanks ill check them out, it was mostly subjects like physics and Business Studies

You have to start using methods recommended in the best way you understand suggestions (links posted in previous posts), but it takes time to figure out what works the best for you. It took me forever… but I am out of school for a very long time and don’t have the same pressure to get better fast.