Question about constructing memory palace

Hi folks,

I am working on creating a massive memory palace using a similar method to Gavino but had a basic question that would apply to smaller memory palace construction as well.

The way mine works is that I visualize myself going through different rooms in my house and identifying 5 loci in each room - so think of it as 20 “rooms” (let’s call this level 1 of the palace) each with 5 loci (call this level 2 of the palace) so a total of 100 loci in my house. Each of those loci would then transport me to a different location ranging from friends’ homes to scenes in a movie. When I arrive at the location, call this level 3 of the palace, I am trying to have 10 “rooms” at each of those with 5 loci in each room (these would be thought of as level 4 of the palace). So that would get me to 100 loci in my house (level 1 and 2) with 10 “rooms” at each of those (level 3) and 5 loci in each (level 4) . If I can make this work, then I have a 5000 loci (100 x 10 x 5) memory palace.

So on to my question. I am greedy and want more loci. Let’s just focus on level 1 and 2 for a moment. I have always been under the impression that you are best off having a consistent number of loci per room, going left to right (or some consistent direction) so you don’t have to think about the objects’ orientation. In my house however, there are certain rooms that could easily have 10 loci or even 15. I am trying to decide if it is worth the additional effort to recall that in the kitchen for example, I have 15 loci, in the basement and office I have 10 loci and everywhere else I have 5 loci? Is the benefit from the additional loci worth the downside about not having to think about the number of loci in a given room.

Does anyone have any experience with this or thoughts on the matter?

Thanks very much for your opinions…