Quebec Memory Championship - New rules and events - Participate from anywhere you are in the world!

Hello everyone! There will be not one, not two, but three almost earth-shaking announcements in that single post, so keep reading even if you don’t feel concerned about the first one.

1- The Quebec Memory Championship will take place on March 23 at Laval University in beautiful and almighty Quebec city. The championship is mostly aimed at people who live in the Quebec province, Laval University students in particular, but anyone from anywhere in the world is welcome to take part if he or she wants to. At least one person will be making the trip from the United States for the occasion. Everything you need to know about the event is on this page:
2- Because this isn’t an internationally ranked event, we’re completely free to use different rules and disciplines. We aimed for a format where experts could amaze us with their skills, but where it would also be possible for someone who just discovered memory techniques to compete and possibly perform quite well overall. We may end up using the same format in the future or we may try to improve it again. So if you think our rules are very good or very stupid or if you think you know how to make them better, you’re welcome to tell us in the comments or in a private message. We know that a few of our rules would be too complicated to apply in a large event, but we do think that some of them could be worth copying or emulating. Oh and we’ll be trying out a completely new discipline called “15 minutes Exam cramming”!
3- Would you be competing if the championship was being held right next to where you live? What if you could choose the day? Well you can! It won’t be quite as if you were there, but almost. So no matter who or where you are, you’re invited to participate as an “honorary competitor”, any day you want from March 24 to April 10. Find out how by clicking here.