PWAOS - A 10-digit Mnemonic System

Hi everyone. I am sharing my own contribution to the popular PAO System. This new system has been solely developed & tested by me for months now. It affixes an additional 2 images to the current 3-image PAO System: Wardrobe (W) & Setting (S). While the previous system could allow its user to memorize any 6-digit segment, mine expands that up to 10. I want to stress now that the Person-Wardrobe-Action-Object-Setting (PWAOS) System works extremely well & this is not something that I decided to share without having made sure. The memories are just as strong & quick to make - if not more so - as in previous systems. If you currently use either of the original Dominic or PAO systems, this new one should be relatively easy to migrate to: its all pretty simple :slight_smile:

The first new image Wardrobe (W) is exactly what it is called. Using your primary Person you simply visualize some distinct piece of clothing or accessory they have on. For example, Neil Armstrong is wearing an astronaut suit & Albert Einstein has crazy hair.

The second new image Setting (S) is where the Person is. Neil Armstrong is at the moon & Albert Einstein is at a classroom. Some of you may have noticed already that this image will be in conflict for anyone using the method of loci & you would be right. I only use this image when I need to memorize a stand-alone 10-digit segment. Honestly it is very rare that I have to memorize anything that is 10 digits in my everyday life, but the Setting image works very well… & quickly too. Examples include telephone numbers that include the area code & bank account numbers.

If I were to try remembering the start & end of World War II, I would think of ‘Chuck Norris (39) in general clothes (45) on a battleship’. This would give me the dates 1939-1945. To remember the phone number 012-345-6789, I would think of ‘Neo in ripped denim medal pinning DR. EVIL at a pool hall’. To reference my personal mnemonic image list, scroll to the bottom to download the text file.

I would like to end this by mentioning that if you are interested in using the PWAOS System even though you may already have your own set Dominic or PAO lists, you are probably going to have to change some of them. Not every Person has a distinctive look or place that is associated with them. Some on your list may even share features with each other. It took me a lot longer than I expected to come up with a working list. Don’t let this discourage you, however, as a finished PWAOS System is very worth it. Simply being able to memorize number segments with 8-digit chunks instead of 6 has been great! The following are some resources I’ve made for myself that can hopefully be of use to anyone looking to use the PWAOS System. Thanks for reading.

My own personal course I’ve made on Memrise

PWAOS text file & resources

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That is a very great idea

Thank you suoira,

Thanks for the feedback! I’ve found that this new system has made my regular memorizing needs much easier. Using the phone number example again, I convert 012-345-6789 to 012345-6789 (makes it easier) & think of some person or object associated with it. If that number were my cell phone’s I would do the following:

Step 1 - Think of the Setting for the last two digits 89 (pool hall) & litter the place with copies of my phone.
Step 2 - Convert the rest of the phone number & place the resulting final image in my Setting.

Next time I need to recall that phone number, I simply imagine where my cell phone is (pool hall) & look around to see what’s there. If it’s an area code you’re familiar with, even better as you’ll already know the first Person part of the image without looking. 10-digit numbers like this make for very strong memories without much effort.

How do you connect these (collections of) images to other people/businesses? Also by imagining their “hook” in the same setting first? Would it be a problem if two numbers end in the same two digits?

Sorry, but I’m having trouble understanding what you mean by ‘people/businesses’? Do you mean like addresses for them? If so, I would simply connect something associated with them. If it was a barber shop for example with an address of 6350 Elm Street, I could imagine ‘Steve Carell (63) in do-rag (50)’ in that barber shop. If that address were a shorter 635 Elm Street, there are multiple variations in memorizing that. Having a separate 0-9 in addition to your 00-99 list seems to work for people. There are many other ways to detail that barber shop on Elm Street, but I would concentrate on making a 00-99 list before worrying about any of that as these variations can be extremely custom to individual people.

In response to your question about two numbers ending in the same two digits, I would not be using my Setting (S) image first off. When memorizing a list of multiple segments or one longer than 10 digits, I would limit myself to PWAO compounds along with the still great method of loci. The 8-digit PWAO compound is still much more powerful than the 6-digit PAO one. I do use variations, however, when I am memorizing a stand-alone segment that I know is something like 14 digits without using the method of loci: again these variations will depend on individual people

Sorry if it’s not clear, I meant how do you connect a PWAOS compound image to a person whose telephone number it is (or business in case it’s a business’ phone number)

Going back to the 012-345-6789 example, I would imagine whoever the person is standing in the pool hall instead of littering the place with their cell phone (easier to remember). Next time, I could then just imagine where that person is (pool hall) & look around. Tacking on any more details & numbers for that person (ex. business clothes) is going to depend on individual people & how they use mnemonic techniques.

I’ve been working on my own Dominic system, and I had similar thoughts. I took it one step further though, and added ‘transportation’ as another element. I came up with ten adjectives and ten animals/vehicles to use. So for example, 29 (2 is Burly, 9 is uNicorn, and for every two digit clusters I encode the adjective as the first number and animal/vehicle as the second) would encode as a Burly uNicorn, and I’d ride it to the next set of digits. The brilliant part of having more factors in an image is that, correct me if I’m wrong, going as far as a 0-999 for each set is unnecessary. With six different factors, all of which encode two digits, you can encode 12 digits with one image! Compared to a normal P.A.O. system, which would cap at nine digits per image WITH three 0-999 image inventories.

P.S- I have not fully completed my six different inventories, but I thought I’d throw this out there and see what you guys think. It seems like it can be promising.

It sounds like an interesting idea. How is it working out?

Although I agree with you that 0-999 image lists may be too much, I do not think transportation is a good idea (even though it sounds good). One of the main reasons I made the PWAOS System was so I could remember lists of 8-digit segments easily. If I were to ride a 2-digit image for a list of 8-digit numbers, that would only end up confusing my organization. For example, a list of five 8-digit segments would be 10, 8, 8, 8, 6. Personally, if I needed to remember a stand-alone 12-digit segment I would make a 10-digit PWAOS image & then simply put another Person image in there. Sometimes for me that second Person is also doing the same Action, but many times they are simply standing next to them.

It’s been going very well, thanks for asking. Not only has it fixed my frustration with the PAO System’s limitation in making single 8-digit images, I think it has also made the whole memorization process even faster & stronger for me. Imagining Person-Wardrobe images instead of Person-Action images has been more effective for some reason & it’s made 16-digit numbers like credit cards easier also.

Great! I’m already on your course at memrise! completed almost half!

This really sounds interesting… I have just completed my 110 Dominic PAO system so it might worth the effort to expand it to PWAOS!! :slight_smile:

Good to know, I just started a similar system last week and found this while searching for similar systems.

Mine’s just a little different.
I don’t trust the Wardrobe or the Settings to be enough for me to decode images after I’ve seen them for a while.
It would cause mistakes in decoding such as mixing an Eagle (my object for 84) with Pidgeoto (the pokemon #17, my Object # 17).

I won’t make mistakes if the number is fresh in my memory, like if I try recallign it after 1h or 1 day. But when I remember these numbers after 1 or more months, then I ONLY remember the image, not the number, then these mistakes appends.

I can already myself making mistakes between my sister, wearign a doctor’s white outfit, and House, or Omar Epps, etc (I have 3 Doctors in my Persons).

What I did instead is PAOo (Person Action Object and Others.)
in Others, I have ± 10 colors, 10 stances (sitting, kneeling, …) , Ages and other…
I haven’t finished selecting 100 “others” yet, because I also need to remove them from my actions / objects.
for instance, in my objects, I had covered in black ink, in blood, in green goo, in dirst (brown),
I also had the action of sitting, kneeling, bowing, …
So I need to remove those actions from my PAO, then define 100 of these “others”.

I tought of it last week but realised it might be worth my time only yesterday.
I plan to use it to remember 20 digits / line for the 5 minutes exercise. ( PAO,PAO,PAOo in 1 line )
It’ll be much better then what I’m currently doing for a 5 minute speed number :


But if you tried that PWAOS system for a while,
I might just go mainstream, do the remaining leap, and join you in the PWAOS team! ^^
(Mnemonists are already rare enough… better not act independant on top of it ^^’ )