Put your number systems here!

Put your preferred or most-used number systems here; as a new user, I’m very curious what systems you all have created… if there are multiple that you use, list them as well :slight_smile:

I’ll start: I used to use a PAO but I’m very impatient and decided to just go for a full 3 digit system based on Ben’s consonant-vowel-consonant system. It took quite a long time to complete, but I think it is (and will continue to be) extremely useful :slight_smile:

Your turn!


Hi! I use a PAO system based on the major system. It took me some time to learn it, but it is very useful.

Not necessarily another system, but an everyday-use method: any time I need to memorize/note a year, I always use my Person in my PAO.


Until recently I used a 2-digit system. It was a phonetic Major system, but combined with number shapes.
For example 50 is a lasso, as 5 = l and 0 = s. But the zero is also the whirling loop and the five is the winding rest of the rope.

I’ve also extended this system to three digits a few years ago, but didn’t learn the bigger numbers well enough to use them in memory sports. This year I’ve reworked many of the images and finally started to train for speed. Hence now I’m using a combination of 3-digit Major and 3-digit number shape system.

Still need more practice though :slight_smile:


That is a very useful-sounding system :slight_smile: Because I’m also quite interested in using number systems to memorize dates, is this basically how you would do it?:

For example, sthe Massacre at Sand Creek took place in 1864. You might imagine your person for “64” interacting with a sandy creek or something along those lines? How do you deal with the centuries; the “8” in 1864, or are you able to just know that?

Wow that sounds complicated!!! :slight_smile:

I’ve spent so much time creating my system, that now I have to work on actually getting fast at it😂

Just to clarify your method, how would you translate the following number into an image: 145? (That is, if you have that one)

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Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. It’s still the same for me :grin:

145 is a troll in my system, according to 1 = t, 4 = r and 5 = l. In the number shape 5 is the troll. The lower part is his belly, the horizontal line on top is his head that is stretched forward a bit. 1 and 4 are a sword and a shield that he is carrying on his back. (It’s a more civilized troll obviously.)

When I created the system, I searched for the word first and then looked for the shape within the number. It’s actually easier than you think :slight_smile:

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I totally get the translation via major system… but what does the number shape thing have to do with it? I mean, you already have an image ie. troll. So why go the extra mile and figure out why the number looks like it?? Sorry if I’m being too analytical, I might just be missing something :slight_smile:

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also sorry if I used “ie” wrong!


In my opinion the system is easier to learn when you have number shapes too. I’m also quite a visual thinker, hence I like them.

But I think the main reason is because it was fun :smiley:

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Oh that makes sense, so like it will make it easier to recognize the image when you see the number? (Because you won’t always have to sound out the numbers and then try to figure out what image you made with them?)

Yes, that’s exactly how I do it! It works amazingly well, assuming you know the century, which is usually apparent.

I looked up this particular event–so sad! If you wanted to remember the specific month/day date, you could use a symbol or an image for the months of the year. For me, November is a Thanksgiving TURKEY. To remember the 29th, I would use the action or object from my POA to differentiate it from the year number. For me 29 is NaPping and door kNoB.

So to remember the Massacre at Sand Creek on November 29, 1864:

I would picture, on the banks of a SAND CREEK, a picked clean Thanksgiving TURKEY (November), next to my sand-covered, NaPping (29) friend, SHeRRy (64).

What takes a paragraph to explain, is clear in an instant as a picture in my mind. This could fit into a bigger narrative involving other battles/events.

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Yes, exactly. I hardly use the phonetics actually. The words are useful when you grab some more images at the end of a Memory League game and store them in short term memory. But aside from that I mostly rely on the number shapes.

Wow, I’m exceedingly impressed. That makes a lot of sense and I love that you’ve put so much thought into the month and date as well… one interesting tidbit:

For example let’s take the month and date August 7. August is the 8th month so, 8 (august) and 7 (the date) therefore gives the number 87. So you could then remember whatever your person or object for 87 is at the location for the historical date. Hence combining both in a single image! Of course, this gets complicated when you have a month (November, December) that cannot be represented with a single digit (October would be 0) and also when the date is a two-digit number. In the worst case, it would be a 4 digit number and at best, a two digit one. Anyway, that’s what I spend all day thinking about (well maybe not…) :slight_smile:

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All I can think to say is BRILLIANT. That is such a great idea. I have thought a little about that this (of using the shapes to remind me of what image it is), but only to the extent of hoping that eventually, after using the system for a while, I would get to “know” the numbers so they would just “be” the image. As an example, 145 for me is a Doll, and for me 145 just “feels” like a doll… same with 518: it just IS lavender!

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Why, thanks :sweat_smile: But I think your method will work as well after some time, so 145 will just feel like a doll. In the end practice seems to be more important than the actual method.

Are you planning to participate in memory sports? I would love to compete with you sometime in the future.

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I think you’re probably right, it doesn’t particularly matter what system you use as long as you practice a lot. Like, some memory athletes do well using a one-card system and a two-digit major system! So anything is possible, however I don’t like practicing with a sub-optimal method! I’m kind of (a lot) a perfectionist so that’s why I’ve spent so much time creating large amounts of images😂. Soon though I hope to actually get fast…

I would love to compete sometime, although I don’t have much experience using memory league or other such platforms.

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I did the same thing too ,

First I created a number system and than try to visualise shapes in that number.

But I am not always looking for shapes , sometimes I relate them with facts.
And I read your example where you said that If number looks different , you faced problem with that.
In my case , I am not actually looking for exactly same number , if numbers appeared in italics form (I have no problem with that.)

And troll is also in my system but not 145 , It’s 125 .

125 - troll / drill (I joined them in 1 picture)

Troll shapes like - 12
And holding a drill gun - 5

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@Memorizer16 If you need help with Memory League, please feel free to ask. People here are always friendly and helpful.

@Rajadodve786 Very cool! It’s good to know that there are more people using this system. A troll holding a drill gun is a nice image by the way. I definitely like that :slight_smile:

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