Psychology series

I want to watch psychology serials so will anyone tell me their favorite psychology serials which you see and think this is very best psychology serials so everyone should watch it please tell me

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Are you looking for TV series? If you mention a couple of examples of shows that you like, people might be able to recommend something.

The only show I occasionally watch is Alone. They put people in a wilderness survival situation and see how long they last. It isn’t about psychology, but there is a psychological element to it, because mental state is the most important thing in the wilderness. Some people give up in a day or two and others keep pushing themselves until they have to be evacuated for medical reasons. It’s interesting to see how different people respond to the situations.

If you’re looking for something that is more instructional, Audible has “Great Courses” on psychology: The Great Courses: Psychology Audiobooks |

I haven’t listened to those specific ones, but I found the Great Courses series to be good in general. They also have some things on human behavior by Robert Sapolsky. (He also has a free behavioral biology course on YouTube. Related threads are here and here.)

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