Promotional Exam HELP


Hi All,
I am a firefighter and have been taking promotional exams for 3-4years now. I usually study 6-8months before, putting in hundreds of hours and normally score really well. The issue is there is usually only 1 promotional spot off each test, so if you don’t top it, you don’t get the job. The format of the test isn’t hard, only 80 multiple choice questions, but they pull these questions from 8 different books. As one might expect, there is a lot of info to cover and they look for very specific items, numbers or whole sentences. The perk is the questions and answers are worded exactly as read in the books. The problem is they attempt to trick you with pulling obscure things or numbers or words that look alike or have meaning in other areas of the books. I’m looking for tips/tricks to memorize these books or at least gain a good way to study for this. ANYTHING helps.
Thanks in advance