Programs/methods that can help me with critical thinking

I noticed that for quite some time that my critical thinking skills were very terrible are there any methods or programs that I can use that can help me improve?


Is there a certain area of critical thinking that you’re interested in? I found some lists of books that look interesting from a search:

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thanks I’ll look into these but I was kind of hoping for something more interactive if that is even possible. I was looking for something that that helps me practice critical thinking… idk something like a series of questions/problems that requires critical thinking. But books are a great start, I just want something that I can use so that I can put it all into practice. I


I don’t know of any interactive tools, but if you find one, I’d be interested in seeing it.

A textbook on critical thinking would probably have exercises for each section. A textbook on ethics might also have interesting exercises. If you find a controversial topic that interests you, you could read perspectives on that topic from various sides to try to find holes in the arguments and learn about the nuances of the issue.

It might be an interesting exercise to memorize a list of critical thinking questions and then stop periodically throughout the day and try to apply them to things you’ve read, discussed, or observed.

Here’s another list in PDF format.

Two more lists that might be interesting to memorize:

I’m just brainstorming here. :slight_smile:

Book: Think Fast, Slow.

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