Program to create Memory Mind Palaces



Is there anything which helps creating Memory Mind Palaces?
Can you reccomend something to me? Or maybe there’s a website which helps with it?
Something what provides a storage for Palaces, it’d be good if it use some images or animation.

Do you know something like that?

(Josh Cohen) #2

Our memory palace/training software has that feature.


Oh yeah, I saw it one year ago, what has changed from that time?

Can you explain me how to create a journey there? I need to have my own images and then I put them into the software?
Can I have a chart with: number and three images in one place? Like: 1) loci 2) P(erson) 3) O(bject)?
As I remember there has already been a pre-order one year ago.

I’m interested in that, but please, explain me how to put a journey there. Can I use Google images?
The girl in the video has prepared room and objects. Can I put the image of my street and the image of my object into the same, ONE image like the girl on the video does?


And could you also point out differences between this feature and Excel, where actually I can put a list as well.