Prof Ross Cooper Speech on dyslexic and Super Reader method to help them


I found this interesting :slight_smile:

I watch the video and I am studing the super reader method right now …
Professor Copper asserts that need 4 weeks to get the results…
I will post my results as soon I will get them .

Professor Ross Cooper Speach in english from 2:00 on

How to be a Super Reader: Read faster, understand more, remember for longer

Learning Strategies

I downloaded the webpage about memory to my phone and will read it later.
I’d be interested to hear if the method is helpful. :slight_smile:

I began to exercise today on the pdf from Or

You can download free the pdf and begin yourself

Remember to use your finger to point the groups of words…

In the book is written … After reaching the 4word eye hop the Brain will stop to subvocalize…

Need exercise for at least 21 days to get some results… About 10 weeks to learn really well .

I try and hope this is the right method, i use englsh as a second laguange so i can have a different result …