Problem with faces

based on my 13.70 for 30 image, it will take me to 23.746666666…s, but thing with single digit is that I know it will only happen once for every image, and so I can just go through each card’s single image until i am sure that is it. I believe I can push it all the way down to 11s after sickening practice. Hence if I can do it with 2 card system too, it will become 5.5s ^.^ (ambitious i know, but it is my way, competing with self is best for improvements)


This month marks my 4th month using memory league (bought the premium access in 19/07/2019 (if I remembered correctly, though I tried it for over a week I think before finally buying it) but I had known the technique since 2016 ( I was year 10) when I friend an indigenous people of Australia, I tried it all the way until I learnt to memorise a list of 200 nouns ( still can remember a tiny section of it after all this time-0 review wooh!) using the story method (didn’t know memory palace back then) which took me 25minutes or so ( then more than an hour-whole of English class to recall which I didnt get 100%. Why not it was math class than english-love math hate english XD). Then when I was year 11 and 12 I was real depressed (my friend move house) and didnt came to finally use and practice the system until now, 6 month after graduation from high school, now its between work-study-memory repeat XD wooh! Personally if there is anything I will treasure about high school was the math I learnt lol.

And if anything, I came back to memory after seeing the chinese show - 最强大脑 ( I am from China). I have to say, aside from that one guy who can do crazy 13 digit roots, I believe I know all the methods the other competitors use now (experimented a bit with friends) Next post is break down of the stuff that uses memory technics. I wont cover the ones that is freaken obvious ofc :slight_smile:



First of all is the crazy Rubik’s cube wall alone with the bigger nebular wall (which I cant find the video rip :frowning: :

Here what you do is stay back, to a comfortable distance such that you can see the dots nicely but not blurry enough for you to form an image of.Basically you turn one side of the wall’s pieces into images after images, and use those images to compare with the other if you get what I mean. Ultimately, you will have to try it to be convinced, which I have made for the next one :smiley:

Then there is 最强大脑-王昱珩 who is a god to many (skip to 25:20):

Here he mention about turning water into images, what he meant is turning the water bubble patterns into an image. The key here is to just pick a specific feature (mayby just 4 bubbles or less and turn them into a shape (best way), have the bubbles interract to form a story or have a peg to interact with them, then you just have to find it, find the image. Here is a quick exercise. First look at the cup I have choose for you, along with the feature I want you to remember, then try and find it again out of the 3 water cups :wink: Make sure you zoom in okay, with computers, just press Ctrl “+” to zoom in on the images :slight_smile:

oh look there is a triangle in the middle :smiley: mayby it is the face of a mouse :smiley: (enhance your image is important). Also make sure you remember how much the dots are spaced if you only pick 3 dots to form your image, notice how there is a little mole on the mouse’s forehead? yes add that in too for a safe play (4 dot is decent enough to get you through, not too much or it will be hard to retain and not too few otherwise you will find alot with similar features.

And that is it, you will see it forever now, now try and find it from those 3 blurry images okay you got this! Hint: allow your self to see it at different angles too:

If you didnt see it is number 3 - the last image. But it is okay if you didnt get it because I gave you a very similar one- the first to teach you a lesson on not to use too few dots. Practice once in real life will get you in perfect though, just get a regular cardboard cup and have a try make sure there is bubble(however tiny) then I am sure you can do it, after all it is harder to do it on computers wont you agree :wink:

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I spent all day yesterday thinking about your system and finally decided to embark on your journey.

I had some ideas when I was thinking about your system. The idea I had was to eliminate the use of the phonetic alphabet in the creation of the system. Honestly, I think the phonetic alphabet keeps us from reaching our top speed. My idea for associating images with numbers / cards as follows:

Let’s say you have an ace of hearts and the image provided for this card is a blue tennis shoe. I see the scene of the blue sneakers slipping on the letter A and falling on top of a bleeding heart.

So with a little practice and overhaul with memory cards, you can recover the selected image just by looking at the card in seconds.

Yesterday I finished creating the flashcards for the numbers from 00 to 99 and today I want to finish creating the cards. I will start with a 2 digit system to see if it will work. hope it works!


Perhaps this post might also be useful for you.


I am still struggling hard to reach my old major 00-99 system speed with new method, it took me 5 days to finally able to know each and every single one without looking at cheat sheet. Personally I recommend you just make them into a memory palace in the first place, so if you ever forget, you can go through your palace and find it that way, which is more beneficial than looking at sheet in my opinion. currently to reach 80 digits with 100% on memory league I would have to take around 240s (double review though), which I am expecting it to be halfed after next week (120s with double review).

So yeah, I would definitely recommend having the 100 made into a memory palace first, and spend a good 2weeks to finally see for yourselve if it is good. I personally think it is good and that it will be better than my major system. And lols remember how I said I want to finish my 1352 this weekend, spend 4 hours+ now and haven’t got the first 100 image on XD, but having a good image is important so I guess I will keep working hard and fast, with good quality :smiley:


okay so I have done around 200 out of 1352 now, goal of the day is going up to 676 out of 1352 and practice for the rest of the week before finishing off another 336 next week. This is an absolutely, brutally, and painful process as I do not want words, image only, and the thing is, quality images are so so hard to find, and when I do find them, I find a bunch that is similar, and I can only pick one, this is were greed comes in and I end up struggling and wasting time eliminating XD


. Your motivation is motivating and inspiring! searching giphy helped me with something similar a long time ago. And there’s a Chrome extension that lets you bulk download. example: You can search dance and then bulk download thousands of strange dancing GIFs… 2 makes me think of DA da da dancing , I don’t know why, oh maybe because of the Black Swan ballet!


What is the name of the extension please?

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It’s a sniffer option on the Chrono download manager

You can even select gif box and it will download all GIFs on the page.

You have to do a lot of scrolling. I’m trying to remember another way I did some straight through Gmail…

You can use an auto mouse clicker for the scrolling…

@Erol A better way is perhaps to take the time to favourite your selections, then scroll down and download all gif.

And there’s also this giphy for Gmail extension where you can search giphy through Gmail then use the bulk downloader to download from there. Because… If I remember correctly, when done straight from the giphy website, after hundreds of GIFs in view with a certain amount of scrolling, it crashes, but it still works if done through Gmail.


Ended up with around 300 out of 1352 last night, back to study and work dont have the patient to take on the fatigue now. Though the plan now is to just review the things I pick and try to find better image of it little by little for now.

And yes, GIF is definitely a good idea! Dont know if the software will accept it (>.<) but gonna try it if I find quality ones, thanks again Cameri :wink:


went back and had a check at my 1352 system today, had pegs up to the fourth suit, but only around 300 in total XD, running outta imaginations to be honest, guess I am hitting my difficult point.

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I spent a couple of years on my shape system many years ago before forums with the idea of saving my son not having to learn the major system. In the end it was more versatile to stick with the major system. But, having a backup shape system is useful.

A wiki page here:

Another way to eliminate sub-vocalisation is to use an already natural list of ‘image to number appropriate’ (some shape system).
A random example: 12= 12 disciples 16= sweet sixteen 21= key of the door 40=wd40 and so on. This method may be easier to learn as it is already a natural association.
Somewhere here there is a complete list.

Hope this may help someone.


Burnt my crack off, finally finished perfecting my 000-200 nicely (just the system lmao). Tomorrow, get the next 200 done and I am sitting pretty.


Okie, finished off 000-400, next is 401-600 before trying to fit in another 200 by today if possible, which by previous experience, I dont think I will XD

I have since loosen the restriction for my images, they’re are all objects or fiction characters now :slight_smile:


OMG!! I just realised what a memory palace burner the shadow system is XD
With the memory palace I have made in the past 4 month, it will only be able to fit in around 10 deck of cards or so…

If I actually master this system, I guess I will have sooo much memory palace for thousands of numbers every week XD (again, from past experience, my hypothesis is usually an overestimation to be honest).


Guess I will have the first red come from the left side and second red comes from bottom.

Suddenly feel so lazy, decided to have my last 338 ( two suit pairs ) been people, yolo XD
Should take my time picking some %%%% people which I bet is definitely easier than finding more objects, sick of it, SICK.OF.IT


I wouldn’t put any restrictions for these last ones, time to play ! You can do it !!! :soccer::soccer::soccer::soccer:

P.s have you used :christmas_tree::fireworks::sparkler::jack_o_lantern::sparkles::flags::bamboo::dolls::crossed_flags::tanabata_tree::film_strip::medal_military::tickets::reminder_ribbon::ticket::label::rice_scene::wind_chime::balloon::tada::confetti_ball::ribbon::soccer::loudspeaker::musical_note::notes::studio_microphone::musical_score::headphones::saxophone::musical_keyboard::guitar::violin::trumpet::radio::iphone::microphone::control_knobs::bell::postal_horn::mega::loudspeaker::checkered_flag::atm::put_litter_in_its_place::potable_water::wheelchair::baby_symbol::wc::womens::customs::passport_control::left_luggage::warning::baggage_claim::no_smoking::no_bicycles::aland_islands::austria::angola::persevere::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::upside_down_face::face_with_thermometer::sleeping::fearful::japanese_ogre::japanese_goblin::smiling_imp::joy_cat::robot::poop::space_invader::see_no_evil::alien::hear_no_evil::smiley_cat::ghost::santa::princess::policeman::dancing_women::pray::guardsman::male_detective:💇:bride_with_veil::princess:🙆🙅:angel::couplekiss_man_man::business_suit_levitating::family_man_woman_girl_girl::ok_hand::-1::+1::v::raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed::fist::muscle::footprints::nail_care::ear::nose::tongue::lips::kiss::broken_heart::two_hearts::sparkling_heart::eyes::eyeglasses::dark_sunglasses::necktie::kimono::eye:‍:left_speech_bubble::sweat_drops::sweat_drops::boom::bomb::bikini::dress::jeans::tshirt::dark_sunglasses::dash::revolving_hearts::love_letter::womans_clothes::purse::gem::ring::prayer_beads::mortar_board::high_heel::womans_hat::boot::crown::shopping::purse::school_satchel::handbag::mans_shoe::lipstick::monkey_face::cat2::tiger::racehorse::tiger2::unicorn::lion::cow::poodle::dog::wolf::dog2::cat::ox::water_buffalo::pig_nose::pig2::ram::pig::pig2::panda_face::hamster::koala::rabbit::mouse::elephant::sheep::bear::rooster::hatching_chick::chicken::bird::turkey::penguin::rat::koala::chipmunk::mouse2::goat::hamster::dove::whale::frog::dragon::crocodile::dragon_face::turtle::snake::whale2::crab::dolphin::shell::fish::octopus::tropical_fish::blowfish::snail::scorpion::bug::spider_web::ant::spider::honeybee::beetle::bouquet::blossom::tulip::herb::cactus::evergreen_tree::rose::maple_leaf::leaves::four_leaf_clover::ear_of_rice::sunflower: ?


Thanks Cameri, you are always so encouraging! And well, I just don’t know what category I should have for the last 2, I have mix in my “shaper system” and major system so far, but I am running out of ideas for objects XD mayby I should practice the “shadow number system” with 000-500 and make the rest slowly.


Remember, one of the most important realizations that I have made regarding numbers. As simple as this sounds, it has more weight than most of my memory techniques realizations : no matter the journey, there’s always a way to finally trick one’s mind into making a number or anything else represent any given image AND vice versa.

Stay with me, I had around 200 numbers for which I had assigned truly random objects. I was, like you, out of ideas temporarily. So I took these simple objects and placed them in a palace, actually a series of 4 or 5 different interconnected palaces because each could take about 50 and even though they were big, I always give as much room as possible for every object because sometimes I’m not entirely certain how I’m going to use them later on.

So I’ve got a bit over 200 random images and my palaces and as I keep going through them I tried to keep adding hints as to what object is what number, thinking and hoping that eventually my mind will make an instant link between the number and the image. But that never happened😿, and that’s the interesting part😸. What actually happened was that most numbers took their place according to where they were. Each number eventually took something from the surroundings to represent it, and I had no say!

I guess what I’m trying to say from this, it’s just do it, and see where the journey takes you.

If I was in your shoes, even though it didn’t work like I had planned, I would do the same thing. Take any random 338 objects people animals no matter what, without thinking of it, the plainest objects the better, even if I already used them with other numbers, and just start placing as fast as I can in palaces.

Then little by little, add hints of where the numbers are supposed to be mixed with the images I just placed and mixed with the surroundings of the familiar place, and just let the numbers choose. As crazy as that sounds :dizzy_face::space_invader::robot:

I was incredibly surprised how basic rooms and furniture and objects would eventually involve something new and unique and how that number when coming up instantly brought me to this thing that I Can reuse and put anywhere I want when the number needs to be memorized.

Also some of the numbers did end up linked to the object that I put there at the beginning, but that object was so modified by the place it was in and every change that I brought to it with every new visits, that it had become completely unique and unmistakable for any other similar object.

I would do the same thing or this… Too long a post alert!!!

:guardsman::business_suit_levitating::policeman: Get back to your numbers !!!