Premade 1000 Number Major or 100 Indian PAO System

I am making a 1000 number major system. I have tried but some numbers I can’t get proper images which can be remembered easily. Please can anyone give me a premaid list?

Or do anyone have a Indian pao system made? Or any indian using pao? Or want to make it together? I seriously need your help. Please reply. I need it fast.

Here’s a thread that may help you with 1,000 images:

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Hello bro have you created indian pao list?

Have you considered creating your own, based on a list like this?

My guess is that most folks here would say that any kind of memory associations will be much stronger and more effective if you start with information that is already meaningful to you. Meaning: Your own list is likely to be much more helpful in the long run than using someone’s else list.


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