PREDICTION in the upcoming SLAM competitions!

Something fun would be if we can add a section where we can submit Prediction scores for every match. also the outcomes we believe will be.
Then at the end, we could see which Player here came closest. I think this would be interessting. Over at Memory SportsTV there have been many predictions of games, and how the match would go.
Adding this would be a but would be a tiny section in the Pan American Open Slam page, with a box titled “predictions” that takes you to a page. That would be cool.
It doesn’t have to be too serious but a fun thing to look back at. Especially if someone unexpected takes the throne and surprises everyone!

A simple picture what is in mind (could be made much more smoothly):

Then you could comment on each Matchup, as to WHY you think that outcome will be; such as what their performance has been in the past, or a certain athlete has been of the scene for a long time.

-Let me know what you feel about this!


lol, sounds we can also add a lucky draw there for people who successfully guessed the top 3 players in the very beginning of the matches, he/she can get a free month subscription. :thinking:
Moreover, a small blog below for everyone to do discussion or cheers.
Sounds like a big project.

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That would be great to see the Top 3 closest :slight_smile:

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Alex takes the Round 16 victory with a few discipline wins to Jan-Hendrik

Bastian and Sylvain will go to a 3rd set, close on the first two. Bastian wins, and moves to play vs Alex.

Johannes and Braden; Johannes wins first Set, Braden gets determined and wins two set’s in a row.

Simon vs Sanchit, tie breakers in both two sets, Simon wins and moves to play vs Braden.

Abraham vs Naoki, 3 sets play in total, Abraham moves on.

Yas vs Katie, 2 tie breakers, but Yas wins and plays vs Abraham.

Boris vs Koba, 3 sets, quite even the first two. Koba wins and moves on.

Jan vs Guillaume, one tie breaker. Jan wins with strong performance after 2 sets.

Alex wins vs Bastian. Bastian manages to make two tie breaker on the 2nd set.

Simon moves on to the semi finals after 2 set wins against Braden.

Yasuhira wins a tough 3 set against Abraham. Some disciplines came to his favour.

Koba wins vs Jan, where a few “mistakes” made the difference in a 3 set.

Alex has a tough 3 set match vs Simon. 4 tiebreakers in total during this match.

Yas wins vs Koba, in a 3 set. A tough challenge to surmount.



Instead of Yas getting the Victory, I believe Koba will do it!

6 out of 8 in round 1.