Pre-made images for medicine student


I know that it is the best to create your images by yourself, but i wonder, wouldn’t be great to have a list of pre-made images for all medical subjects, so if you couldn’t come up with your own, that you could just look it up on a list.
Maybe something like this already exist and i don’t know? So i imagine it looks like this:
glucose: image is glue
galactose: galactic spaceship
glycin: ice

carpal: car

You get the picture …
Also i would be very greatful for some information regarding memory techniques for med students. Mullen memory is great, but i guess there must be much more on this topic.
Thanks a lot

(Josh Cohen) #2

If you paste a list of medical terms here, we could help you fill out a set of mnemonic images for them.

(Aabhaspant) #3

Can you change whole sentence to image.
If you have any ideas plz share