Practising the PAO system

Hi Guys,

It’s my 2nd month on memory training. I can now successfully recall my 0-99 2 digit PAO system. I see number plates in a short story, but I am having problems in going beyond 20 digits as the story is forgetful.
I heard that forgetting the story can happen when you do not have strong memorizing objects/persons. Could it be the case?

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Have you tried using a memory palace with the story. The locations/stations in the memory palace are supposed to be with you always and no recall is needed for them hence associating stories with those locations may help

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If you’re using PAO, you get 6 digits per location… 2 for P, 2 for A, and 2 for O to make one compound PAO image… so after three locations you’re at 18.

What you are basically saying is that you cannot make it past the third compound image… could you give an example of what 652470 (or any other 6-digit numbers) looks like in your system?

What do you mean by story? With PAO, you put 6 digits in one location and then move on to the next location. The PAO is your story for that location… do you just keep linking PAOPAOPAOPAO?

65 24 70 is how I’d break it and link it as Pao Pao Pao. This way gets complex and using the memory palace technique, I could easily differentiate repeating Pao’s.

Some practise is needed, I suppose.

I’ll try with this. Did you write down the journey with the pao’s when you started out? I feel like writing helps.

There are various reasons for forgetting;

  1. Too many images/things happening
  2. story too common rather than interesting
  3. Lack of review,etc.
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This is true. I’ve created a memory palace of my house with unique loci’s.
I’m going to try remembering a card deck using this. I’ll post the results.

Number 2 seems to be the problem.

It gets better with time
You can learn from others, sadly, there isn’t any thread dedicated to it.
And once in a while, you can slow down on a loci and think of how you can make it more interesting.
@Parkouristx has technique where he plays around with an image for 5 mins seeing the ways he can use it. saw a video about it on youtube but forgot the name. That helps build your imagination.

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Thanks a lot Mindory,

Now I’m noticing number plates in PAO quite easily. Slow progress but steady.

I read lot about PAO system but I didn’t initiate…Can some one help me to begin…is there any dedicated book our video on this subject…

Winning Regards

I used Dominic O Brian’s materials as a startup. There is a barrier to remembering the PAO but once crossed, you will be a different person (thinking the ways that you can use your memory :P)

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I want to learn PAO system…I am new to this field…can anyone help me.

HI Nayeem,

grab few books on the techinique if you can, there’s enough material to be find on the forum search under resources.

The basic pdf is good enough to get going. Read that PDF, create few memory palaces and daily remind about them.

Create a 0-99 two step PAO system as a starting point and then try to remember number plates and put each of them at the loci’s at your memory palace. (the achievement should be enough for you to practice every day.)

You should then come to a point where you see the numbers in PAO system, which means you have successfully remembered all from 0 -99. It took me 2.5 months daily practice to remember the complete PAO system. But still I’m scared of losing it so, I practice it at least twice a day.

What do you need help with regarding PAO?