Practice Zooming In

I’m having some trouble with zooming. I’m trying to put several things into one loci by having a compass there. I have something on each point of the compass. But when I get to the loci and I see the compass, all of the items on the points stay small in my mind. I can’t make them get bigger so I can see them clearly. I tried moving myself closer, but the images just stay small.

I want to also use this technique to memorize countries and capitals by using actual maps as the memory palace. I can see the items for each country and where they are. But I just can’t make them grow to be easily seen.

Any practice techniques? I don’t have a great imagination.

Hi @snowdog,
I used to have issues with visualization as well.
My problem was with image rotation ,but with few months of practice I got the better of it.

Here are some tips:

1.To start with, check out the following page:

2.I’d especially recommend u the following video:

Take a look at the above video & try to replay these scenes in ur head.

3.Remember this image from The Matrix?
Watch the clip on youtube & then replay it in your mind.

4.Ant-Man movie is also a great source.

Hope this helps…Cheers.

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Wow, cool. Thanks so much for the resources. I’ll check them out.

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Try having the image enlarge in front of you like a hologram projection (a la Return of the Jedi:
Also try visualising a button (or buttons) at each loci you can press to have each image zoom out from its tiny state so that see it properly, then press the button again to have it shrink. When looking at the image, visualise changing your viewing angle, so instead of looking down at the tiny image/compass trying to get closer to see details, you’re looking slightly upward because the image now dwarfs you.

The button is working well for me. I think it’s the action of doing something, which causes something else. The compass grows when I push the button. The images on the compass are a work in progress, but it’s much better. Thanks.

I’d like to thank you for this link - it’s a fabulous example of visualisation.

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Glad u liked it :smiley:.

I’d really recommend the entire playlist(of 10 videos).

Here’s the link:

On a side note,I always save videos that have good visuals,from science videos to movies.
Have an entire collection of movies on the hard disc ,mainly to enhance my creative ability to visualize,and it really helps.

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