Post #4.Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

Hi there.

Yesterday I said about my intend to memorize 2 k of pi in one day. But then I received a call from my childhood friend and we decided to meet. I wasn’t able to use my laptop at the metro ( aka subway) while I was traveling to meet him. So, I downloaded file with numbers on my phone and guess what. It’s not so bad as expected. I mean in 2017 it’s easy to use your phone for study, even on the go. Of course, you can’t do some kind of work at your smartphone, but memorizing Pi number – not so bad.

We have a very good weather at Kiev right now, so I will try to memorize Pi numbers with my smartphone outside.
Also today I received a reply from Ukrainian National register of records. They provided me info about what I need to do to register everything. I have some questions and will call them tomorrow.

Right now, I remember 6k and will memorize 1k more today.

More next time.