Post #2.Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it!

Hi everybody!
This post consists from 2 parts.
1st is about results.
2nd is a little story.

1st part
Right now, I remember 4000 numbers. I started few days ago.

How much you memorizing per day?
I memorizing 1 k at one day. But I plan to make a break for few days cos of some responsibilities.

Do you have enough memory palaces?
No. I making them from day to day (e.g. I just memorized 4k and I need a new one).

How you do it?
As I mentioned in my 1st post, I put 9 numbers per locus. I just finished my 3-digit system, so it is 3 images per locus.

How fast you do it?
It’s not fast at all. I spending 2.5 – 3 hours for 1 k. Then 1 hour to recall then. And again ( 30 min).

Why it’s so slow?
Instead of mastering the 3 – image system I started this pi number stuff.

2-nd part

Little backstory. It’s not the first time when I’m memorizing pi number.

It was maybe 3 years ago. I didn’t had a number system and that’s why I was able to memorized 100 digits at 1 hour . That’s was insanity. Also, it was such a pain to recall them. I always had mistakes and yes…. I memorized just 500 numbers like that and…. forgot them. But that was funny.

In this year after I won Ukrainian memory championship and received an invitation for the interview about my hobby ( from girl that was studying journalism at her University).Also, one TV channel invited me to their show to participate as a person that have a good memory. I passed the interview but show was canceled. Let’s go back to the girl`s interview. I thought that I will impress them in the way how I remember the pi number. So, I memorized 500 numbers with my 2-digits PA system.
Also, I was able to tell them any digit after coma in a seconds (I indexed my memory palaces aka journeys). That felt so good comparing to my first try (100 digits per hour VS 100 digits in few minutes).

Me: You can ask me any digit from 1 to 500 in pi number and I will tell you which one is that.
She: Cool. Lets do it after interview.
She: Ok that’s it.
Me: What about Pi number?
She: It’s enough.
Me: :frowning:.

After few days, or weeks, I forgot all numbers.

Bonus part
I won a cup of coffee today! When I was at coffee shop I mentioned group of students (as me ).They was playing cards. We made a bet. If I will make a mistake when memorizing 20 cards – I will buy coffees for everyone. If not – they will buy one for me. Believe me or not – that was the first time I tasted espresso.

Also, thank you again Nodas for the link for pi world ranking list.

More next time.