Portable training for numbers? App for iOS?

(Andreas) #1

Is there a good way to train numbers on your iPhone? I have tried to use the Memory League training for numbers and I can’t get the page to adjust to the screen in either direction.
I use Chrome with my iPhone 8 and it’s just too much hassle and I lose focus and time trying to see the whole screen. I end up just traing on my computer.
Any suggestions for portable training?


(Andreas) #3

Thank you sir.

(Andreas) #4

I just realized you’re the developer, nice!


For numbers (and cards), I’ve MemChamp on my iPhone. It’s pretty cool for numbers


Is this available for Android?


Sorry, I don’t do android…


Oh No!! Spoken Numbers don’t work with iOS 9 :disappointed_relieved:


Any reason you’re still on iOS 9? It works with 10.0 (which came out in 2016) and up… iOS 12 has been out for half a year already, so it’s supporting two generations back.


The only reason is that my old iPhone 4S (omg!!) still works very well. No iOS 10 for 4s :grin: