"Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline"

“Poor oral health linked to cognitive decline and perceived stress”

Researchers interviewed more than 2,700 Chinese Americans aged 60 and older and found that nearly 50 percent of study participants reported experiencing tooth symptoms, 25.5 percent reported dry mouth. In the first study, those who reported tooth symptoms experienced declines in cognition and episodic memory, often precursors to dementia. In the second study, the researchers found that stress increased symptoms of dry mouth, leading to poorer overall oral health.

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I skimmed the text quickly but I got the feeling this is another suggestive causation where it is more of a correlation instead.

If it is a causation, it is also the question what is the cause. Does poor oral hygiene cause memory problems, or do memory problems cause a worse oral hygiene?


The only thing with this article is that I know the indirect motivation for this study was the finding of :
“Germs causing gum disease and different strains of herpes viruses have been found in Alzheimer’s-affected brain tissue” compared to controls. While it may just be a coincidental correlation, it is definitely adding more weight to it than other correlations. To the extent that they are testing drugs that target gum disease in attempt to ‘cure’ Alzheimer.

I agree with Mayarra.

And it is definitely a correlative study. As presented in the story, there is so much going on and no attempts at controlling for anything, I wouldn’t put much stock in the conclusions.

As well, in general, a single study doesn’t show anything worth noting. There are far too many single study results grabbed by the press that purport to show something. If one followed all of their implied recommendations I doubt there would be much left to eat or do.

Vaccinations cause autism! insert raging new parent
And meat causes cancer! Insert raging vegan

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