Polishing cards version of PAO, suggestions, constructive criticism, inspiration

I know that people have been publishing a lot of version of PAO, but most of them are using AO which is generated from the Major System and not connected to the people and somehow i have problems with incorporating their ideas to my PAO, but mainly i would like to get some sort of suggestions from you guys what i can improve.

Do you think that some of the actions can be replaced with more memorable ones, some objects can be better and so on? I know that it depends mainly on your personal preferences (i know that my system had a lot of changes and it will have more in the future) but i would really enjoy some feedback. On September 21th i have memory competition and i would like to be in the podium. I am putting some consistent work in training, i would just would like not to put energy into sth bad.

And small adidtional question. I was always using PA, do you think that 70 days is enough to change that? (I am not new to PAO, i remembered some stuff by that, but i was mainly using PA).

I would love to hear your opinion.

Thats my still changing version of PAO:

Number Person Action Object
01 Snoop Dog balancing on a stick a “hut” hut
02 SaNdra Bullock smashing sth with “tonfa” tonfa
03 SuMo pushing “big bag of daipers” big bag of diaoers
04 Sub Zero creating from the ground “big icicle” icicle
05 SheLdon Cooper
06 Steve Jobs eating “apple” apple
07 Zack Galifianakis pouring out of the bucket “cocaine” cocaine
08 Sara Walker spilling a tray of “cookies” cookies
09 SPiderman firing of the wrists spiderweb spiderweb
10 Zeus hurling lightning bolts lighting bolt
11 Dawid Duchowny party man on sexdoll sexdoll
12 ToNy Hawk skateboarding with X under the arm skatebord
13 Ted Mosby bilding “tower” from lego bricks tower from lego bricks
14 ThoR hammer striking the ground with lightning hammer
15 hiTLer tearing “flag with swastika” flag with swastika
16 DJ David Guetta mixing in a djblender “vinyl record” vinyl record
17 TiGer woods striking a ball from golf “X” golf club
18 Death sth cutting with the scythe scythe
19 Tom Cruize juggling “vodka bottles” vodka bottle
20 eiNStein spreying can sprey
21 eNT chopping ax the wood ax
22 aNNA Hathaway digging the syringe into the syringe
23 Captain NeMo firing harpoon to “x” harpoon
24 edward NoRton blood pouring from a ruptured larynx on bloody heart
25 NeiL Armstrong holding on a “space rocket” space rocket
26 NinJa throwing “ninja stars” big ninja star
27 Nicolas Cage caught something on the lasso lasso
28 NeFerteti dancing with rattles
29 NaPoleon atacking with bayonet sth bayonet
30 Mask spilling from the mouth “green birds” green birds
31 Mike Tyson Boxed / striking “punching bag” punching bag
32 eMiNem rapping to “microphone” microphone
33 eMMa creating from the magic wand “patronus” patronus
34 MoRgan Freeman smashing the ground with the stick wooden stick
35 MiLa kunis nestling in big teddy bear
36 Mickel Jackson
37 Santa Claus taking-out of the bag with gifts gift
38 MeFisto puting fire into sth fire
39 Max Payne shooting with a shotgun to shotgun
40 aRnold Schwarzeneger lifting (like the bar) barbells
41 aRTemida shooting a bow bow
42 RoN throwing a cake in sth cake
43 RaMbo shooting sth with big gun big gun
44 aRagoRn cutting sth with a sword sword
45 Charles Carl Micheal striking in the air “fireworks” fireworks
46 Roy Nelson bear hugging and lifting sth bear
47 RoGer Federer hitting tenis ball at sth tennis racket
48 Rafael hovering with the angel wings holding sth angel wings
49 RoBin Charles Scherbatsky hitting a hockey puck at sth hockey stick

Jack Johnny Depp (62) drinking from sth bottle of rum
Queen Penelope Cruz (92/97?) painting with hands sth paint pallete
King Barney Stinson (90) tie on the neck sth tie

Jack Bruce Lee (95) crashing with hand bricks brick
Queen Julia Roberts (65) przymierzająca sukienkę
King Brad Pitt (69)

Jack Jar Jar Bings (66) slipping on the banana banana
Queen Leja (56) tied with the chain chain
King Joda (61) smashing sth with the lightsaber lightsaber

Jack Joker (67) shaving face with razor razor
Queen Catwoman (71) snapping a whip at sth whip
King Batman (91) running with cape

Did you have any success with adding the objects? I don’t use PAO so I’m not sure what to recommend…

One thing that I can see Was unwise about the way I filled out my PAO list can be illustrated by the phrase “some objects are difficult to shave with.”

It took me a while to realize that the “unbelievable,” “larger than life” images that
Some people swear by were no more memorable than the mundane - in fact less so - for me. Fred Flintstone shaving with a chicken is not more memorable to me than my girlfriend putting a bandaid on a book. I can almost believe it really did happen. The latter I can visualize photographically. The former, I could never. If you are having trouble thinking that some of the items are not memorable enough, it might be worth making sure that the actions and objects line up in a way that is actually believable. Maybe the best way to do that is in many cases using an object as part of the action. You can hit ANYTHING with a baseball bat, but you can’t swing EVERYTHING as if it were a baseball bat - not realistically. So maybe 26 would be better if it were “Throwing ninja stars AT x.” Maybe.

But it’s hard to say what can be done in 70 days. I think if you already know your PA’s well then 70 days is enough time to be better at PAO by that time than you are at PA today, though maybe not better than you would be at PA in 70 days.

Hi i finished (like 95% finished, still it needs a little bit of polishing, but i can use it and practise without any blanks, only some of the actions persons I am not fully satisfied, but I will fix it after the championships.

Hi, i like your thoughts about “unbelievable” images, sometimes they pass, but sometimes it’s better to make it more mundane. It’s such a good point, that you an visualize it photographically, but without believing in it, it can not be so good stucked in memory as something normal. Fresh example for me is Julia Roberts with action of typing on the computer. She played the role of some laywer or secretary, so yeah, that was just like 0,5 sec thought, yes, she is good at typing and go on to others and the best thing is that when i recall i didn’t really need to see her, i just had this feeling that this to cards passed to each other and the place was also appropriate, so that was lucky, but cool.

Still i have little doubts, i see the difference between mundane and unbelieveble, but we can have some believeble actions that ar memorable and some that are not. For example typing it is not so memorable as creating patronus from the wand, or maybe better example - juggling. Should the latter action be better than somewhat still action of taping. i wonder if all the actions should be doable, but have some fireworks with it. But yeah, i have the tools, so i will keep that point in my mind and after memorisations i will keep some notes about it and see how it goes.

My PA was not perfect and i heard so many times that the method is not that important, training is, so i do PA. And really i don’t have so much long disciplines there - the longest is 15 minutes numbers, so it should be fine.

One important question - i know that the problems with not complicated systems is that the images are starting to double, and overlap and i am thinking how it goes when you have a lot of small disciplines - i made 5 min numbers on one journey, than cards, than something else, and than back to 15 min numbers - and some of my images where appearing before, i wonder if on different journeys i can have some trouble with that. I know, I will find out during the weekend - I will made “small practise competition” for myself and see how it goes, but it will be good to know your opinion.

To answer your last question: Only when I was doing about 10 to 15 decks a day I started to notice that I had done some images before, but as I started to learn how to shuffle well and practised with more precision instead of just doing a lot of decks, that faded. It also didn’t bother me as much anymore.
Maybe it is because I use the PAO, by the way. It makes images 52 times as less likely to repeat themselves which makes them less reoccurring.

I would, personally, always try and have a system that is as complicated as you can handle (I won’t do a 2-card thing because I simply wouldn’t be able to get used to it without losing all my motivation for memory). But PAO is pretty easy to learn and so I would use it if I were you.

Swapping images is great. It will slow you down a tiny bit at first (at one point I swapped 18 cards at the same time) but after two weeks or something you shaved of 20 seconds of your previous PB.

Thank you for your answer Wessells.

I will switch to PAO after the competition. It will be a lot of work to get it done in a way that it works perfectly, but i will manage it. It’s good to first to good one easier thing and than expand.

I am happy that you didn’t have problems with the thing described in the last question. I only made 5 decks one day, but it was cool, so i am not afraid. Other story is memrosing 2 decks of cards at a time, i failed miserably on doing this, but i think it is because of my lack of practise in this discipline, and when i do them enough times it will be fine.

I am looking forward to the time after competition so i will do some nice changes to my system;) and i will have a good marking point how was earlier and how it is now.

I will keep posting my thougts later.

See ya!

I think you are referring to “ghost images,” right? It’s a good idea to rotate through a few different memory palaces to reduce their strength and/or frequency.

I am very new to every memory technique and i would like to start with PAO and your list really helps with the concept but, how are each number in your list appointed to a playing cards suit? and how do you use the numbers in the 40s? do they have any role in a deck of cards? if so, how? thanks a lot!

I just realized that this title is a Pun. Good Job.

Also, Ghost Images used to be a real pain for me.
Then someone (Marcin Kowalczyk, a Polish mnemonist) told me that I could just not worry about remembering the last image as long as I focused on the new one. I never thought to do that and would just stop practicing when things seemed to be overlapping. Practicing over the older memories got easier and over time I got better at forgetting the old while imagining the new.

Also, I prefer having my sounds at the start and end of my syllable but your actual images are good. I am just picky about that.


What ALeman said reminded me of something that has been helping me with cards recently. Sometimes, well all the time actually, I’ll have trouble putting an image in the loci as fast as I want, (I usually practice with a metronome). When that happens, I would notice that the NEXT loci would often be forgotten. It’s because I waste time trying to think of what those last cards were because I didn’t get them in time, which stresses me out and slows me down. What helps in these situations is to focus on the new cards that come up and just resolve to completely not care about what the last image was supposed to be. The idea here was just to cut losses and make a couple mistakes instead of many. What happened instead was that often, those cards would be really easy to reconstruct, and it was not only true because I made fewer errors, and knew which ones would be forgotten ahead of time, but also because the question had been posed in my mind momentarily, and after the deck was over I could think “what were those cards in the fifth loci that were bothering me?” And often the picture of the cards themselves, that I saw with my eyes, will come to mind. Try it if you experience this same problem.

I’m brand new to this and trying to develop my PAO. IT IS HARD TO MEMORIZE THESE!!! does anyone have any tips on how i can memorize my list of 100 PAOs?

and what does “sth” mean when written in your PAO list?

Sth means Something :wink:

It’s not that hard, go to Getting Started page or type in google search PAO how to remember, there are plenty of ways of doing this. You can base it on Major System, you can bild Memory Palaces and place images there you can make associations to other stuff…

I am glad that I helped, but there is plenty of other PAO lists, just type PAO in research engine.

SPades are 1, clubs are 2, hearts 3, diamonds 4, it was chosen by me arbitrary. and then when you have 3 of spades, you add 1 to it, and you have 13, ted mosby,clear. And then queens kings and so on are grouped, like hearts are actors, spades villans and so on…