Polish girl Amanda

I’m Amanda.
I have recently been interested in memory techniques. I hope that they will help me learn foreign languages quickly. I have the first memory challenge. I want to remember the speech on Jane Austen’s book Pride and Prejudice. The speech will be in English for school lessons. English is a foreign language for me, I can speak but I am not fluent. What is the best way to remember a speech?


Miwo mi! And a big welcome ! I am learning a bit of polish myself and find it simply beautiful. If you do a search with “speech” you will find helpful posts. Don’t forget the getting started section also :

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Search for “memorize a speech” “memorizing speeches” here. You’re sure to find a wealth of helpful information.

Since it sounds like you’re starting at the beginning with memory techniques, I’d encourage you to first explore the Resources tab here; there’s a lot of very helpful information there, including a thorough introduction to all of the major memory techniques.

For a speech, you’ll probably want to focus mostly on learning how to use a memory palace (also called a memory journey, a “Roman room,” and “the method of loci,” because one name is never enough). This is the traditional approach for memorizing speeches, going back thousands of years. I won’t go into detail here, though, since that information is available in the Resources and many other discussions here.


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