Podcast on thinking and memorization

Due my love to thinking and mental abilities like memorization and problem solving ,
i would to have more conversations on how we can evolve this and share my ideas to everyone and vice versa , so i would like to start a podcast on thinking in general , any suggestions?
and would people like something like this ?


Hi Ski, It`s an interesting topic, I have a problem with memorisation/concentration so I might provide some information on forgetting a lot and what I do about it. What do you mean problem solving? OK see you next time.

Hei, would love to listen to you podcast. Please share the link when it’s published :smile:

Topics I would be interested in hearing about: perfect recall, memory palace context based memorisation (memory triggers) and thinking about thinking.


welcome suciu,
i’am also learning and not an expert , it would be great to have you.
what i mean by ps is to use our brain abilities and combining then to have a structured thinking about
things which would enhance our thinking (tools), to produce new things and ideas and solutions.
honestly i do not know about how to make a podcast but iam searching.

hey alexander,
thanks, but honestly i do not know which platform to use and how ,
your topics are excellent , and what i’am most passionate about is thinking about thinking

and if anyone knows about how to live podcast , would be appreciated

(posting again without link this time)

I have been interested in making podcasts but never seriously tried it though other then some test recordings doing monologues. I used Anchor fm for my experiments. It seems super easy to use, maybe worth a try.


yes lets give it a try ,
i’am thinking about starting a youtube channel or something like that to express myself ,
and i’am confused a bit

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Alex if you have some ideas to help Ski please post them, I will try to brainstorm as much as I can also…let`s help the man with some material for the potdcast :slight_smile:

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I think you might try to think in either of the 2 ways maybe:1 start with 1 topic like you said mental abilities… and diversify from there: memory attention techniques all that regards memory and other cognitive subjests or 2 start on a few “basic” topics and converge them to the main subject (thinking).

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what about a live on instagram


YouTube is pretty easy to use. There’s a tutorial here. If you don’t like the platform, it’s easy to switch later — just upload the recordings somewhere else. You can also upload the recordings to multiple platforms at the same time.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube on how to record them if you do a quick search there. There’s also a guide here with some tips.


appreciate that man thanks

Hei Raz how is the project going?

That would be okay.