Please tell my if I use these techniques correctly

Hi all, after some time I got back to memory techniques. Thank you for advices some months ago in a different topic - it is very inspirative what you can do with your minds people and it kept me interested! As an absolute beginner I have dicided to start with journey method, menmonics and master system for numbers. And after two (succesfull) university exams I have to say it works suprisingly well! May I ask you for an advice, if I use right steps, please? Becouse I do not want to gain bad habbits just in the beggining of my memory techniques learning way.

Thank you in advance! Mirek…

I use only real-world well known journeys where I chose “stops” (eg. my way to work). They have usually nothing in common with a subject I learn so I try to link them somehow with my subject in my imagination - eg. in the middle of (real) roundabout is see an (imaginative) round waste incinerator with waste on one side (specific kinds of waste) and symbols (simple icons) of advantages and disadvantages of this technology on another. Around the roundabout there are in a simple story (imaginative) characters like crazy guy with flamethrower, cleaning lady etc. symbolising parts of the waste-burning proces… and everyone of them has again some symbols around them (guy is burning different objects symbolising different methods of burning waste…). And I “just walk” through these images and observe whats going on. Mnemonics help me with terms or simple lists. And Master system is superb for numbers.

I first tried to imagine imaginative locations related to the subject I learn - but then I decided to stick with the real places and I belive this was the key. On the other hand I was afraid to use imaginative characters, but they usually appear in my mind thanks to connection with real places and I started to use same characters repeatedly - becouse they help me tag and connect same subjects at differents stops during the journey. I would like to add more information and deeper hierarchy so I am planing to try using more REAL subjects at every stop (eg. not only the roundabout itself, but every direction of the road can have its “story” and so on) and also try the Number/Rhyme Technique to remember lists when necessary.

Is this approach correct?

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If it‘s working for you, your approach is correct.
There‘s no technique that works the same for everyone; just use whatever works best for you.


Absolutely, I believe that we need one palace or location which is already carved in mind. There will be no effort needed to remember that location as it will be coded in our brain already. Now once we have that we stick new information to those locations (stations) with the help of images created for those new concepts.

Our mind is good at retaining associations done using stories and we make use of those associations with the locations to retain the new information.

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Thank you for your replies! Regards Mirek

Hi Mirek_Ryan, You shared very well information. that helps me a lot thanks.