Please help to solve this problem

Hello, everyone

I started with memory techniques a short while ago I can save shopping lists, phone numbers, names, etc.
But when it comes to studying, I cannot apply any of these techniques to it
My attempt to memorize the grammar book was also unsuccessful (I used to spend a lot of time creating pictures of abstract words"“It’s really difficult when dealing with abstract words” "I was always frustrated by the slow pace
And I always have doubts, are the pictures I created good or do they need to be modified Soon he got bored, ended up memorizing only 3 rules)
There are subjects that I do not know how to deal with, such as (biology, chemistry, and physics)

I have 5 months left for my exams. When thinking about that, I get a headache, is it enough time?

what should I do!!! Please Help

Thanks in advance

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I had the same problem of being extremely slow at transforming new info.
The Words, Names and International Names disciplines on Memory League will help with that (reserve a few palaces just for this, and each time you train, reuse a palace you haven’t used for a few days).

This should help with studying: How to Use a Memory Palace to Study - Memory Techniques Wiki

And remember that it is fundamental to review the things you learn (Spaced Repetition and Recall - Memory Techniques Wiki)

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Thank you very much :blossom:

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Have you created alphabet lists and number systems in addition to a Memory Palace Network?

Once that is done, little or none of this should be difficult or slow because you’ll at least be able to hit the ground running with all info by rapidly producing possible associations.

Certainly, some associations will always need to be improved or compounded, but that’s just the 80/20 rule working its strange magic.

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I have several palaces already, about 20 palaces
He also used the 00-99 system and the shape and number system
I do not have an explicit alphabet.

The problem is when I try to think of an appropriate image for an abstract word it is really difficult
Sometimes I can’t really find pictures of her
(Sometimes I put the first picture that crossed my mind, but what should I do if a picture of it did not occur to me)

Sometimes I also have pictures that come to my mind, but they are ridiculous and I think I will quickly forget them and not use them
Which forced me to think of a suitable image that takes a lot of time and in the end the results are not very satisfactory.

What do I do if all the words in my books are abstract.?? :woman_facepalming:

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Try posting some 6 to 7 words which are abstract for you here, and some of us can provide our way of making images for them. That may provide you examples from which you can pick and choose your way.


From a mnemonic perspective, no words must be abstract.

Use the tools to dig into them.

“Justice” is abstract, but concrete when you have your friend Justin leveling the scales to restore balance after catching thieves stealing Metallica’s … And Justice for All.

This simple example extends to everything and anything. If it can be communicated in words, abstraction can be made concrete through association.

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