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Hello please help me somone here as a good word frequnacy word list for spanish, italian, german and french? And is french and german different from italian?

Google gave me this wiki page:

Is that a bit what you are looking for?

I would assume that they are also pretty different, at least german. German is a germanic language, meaning it will have more similarities with Dutch, Afrikaans and English. Which are all even in the same branch of west germanic languages I believe.

Italian and French on the other hand are romance languages, making them very similar to spanish and portugese as well.

If you are learning languages, you could take a look at those branches. That way you can either learn some similar languages after eachother, or you could learn as many different branches as you like to have a broader knowledge of language as a whole.


Excellent page, I like it. :star_struck::star_struck:

Good thanks for your tips

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