Please help for law exam

I am not able to form correct images for

  1. Sections
  2. Provisions relating to them
    Any help will be gratefull

Are you looking for mnemonic images for those two list items?

“sections” – I would divide up something like cake or paper into sections and then attach an image of a religious sect to make sure that I remember “sections” and not “parts”, “divisions” or other similar word.

“provisions” – this would be food for a party of D&D adventurers

Have you done much practice with creating images in general?

One great thing you can do is have an excel file with actors and other famous people in one column and objects in another. Then just see the person interacting with the object against the next person. You can get an extra bang for your buck by seeing the person being acted upon acting back. It’s great mental and memory workout because you can revisit the scenarios an hour later (or more).

Actually sir you did not understand correctly

Section 115( now I want to remember “115” in topic negotiable instrument )
It’s meaning or provision or what it wants to say - (this is to be learnt) "where in case of bill name of any person is given in addition to drawee to be resorted in case of need such person is called drawee in need "

Famous case law- " Dore vs Kanchiwalla" ( everything in quotes to be learnt)
Thank you so much

Do you have a system for numbers yet? If not, try the major system and number shape system. You can remember 115 with 11 in the major system and a 5 in the number shape system.

For words like “Dore vs Kanchiwalla”, you can make images that are similar to the names.

What about this- "where in case of bill name of any person is given in addition to drawee to be resorted in case of need such person is called drawee in need "- this is also to be learnt

So many people view this topic I will be really gratefull if you present your views I am still learning to make memory palace and I am a beginner so please help

I wouldn’t try to memorize it word-for-word, unless that is your assignment. I would try to convert it into understandable English first and then memorize the meaning. Is there punctuation missing? Can you rephrase it in simpler words?

Where in case of bill of exchange any additional name has to writen in addition to drawee’s name . such a person is called drawee in need (like surety has liability )

What if i forget the mental images formed for that purpose

I’m having trouble understanding the meaning without context. I’d recommend rewriting in simpler English. Try to explain it so that a 10 year old kid could understand it. :slight_smile:

Then break it into a list of points:

  1. people are exchanging money(?)
  2. you have to write the "drawee in need's" name(?)

Now the wall of text is a simple list with two points.

Then simplify it into images:

  1. bill of exchange -- Bill Clinton
  2. drawee in need -- drawer full of knees

Now you have two images that you can place in a location in your memory palace to recall the general meaning of that item.

I don’t fully understand your example sentence, so my images may not be correct, but that’s the general idea. :slight_smile:

You will need to review the mnemonics, even when using memory techniques. That’s where spaced repetition can help.

Wow!!! That’s great your images are correct . Thanks