Plateau ... soon broken?

Since my 40.94s in cards about three weeks ago, I’ve been quite regular between 40 and 50s, with many attempts under 45s and even a 40.97s! It’s good to have some consistency, but I don’t want to stay stuck over 40s forever. I’ve made sure to do drills and review my system every single day. There are still some images that are difficult to conjure up. I’ve actually changed some of them in the past couple of weeks, these ones weren’t really well connected with the “keyword” that I’m subvocalizing. I’m expecting a few more changes there.

I actually got the one-off I needed today in order to convince myself that sub-40s is … on the cards :stuck_out_tongue:

As I was catching the final eight cards (I should stick to six…), I didn’t pay much attention to the suits of the second cards (too bad, as there were two 7s there … I had to flip a coin) and tried to visually grab the final pair (i.e. didn’t subvocalize). I don’t seem to be able to do that just yet … I tried anyway as I was convinced that I was closer to the 40-second barrier than I actually was. Oh well, 35 seconds anyway, the next few months will be interesting!

EDIT: aaaaand, as it has happened previously, right after I write a note here, I get a PB. A cheeky one indeed, I did the same thing for the last eight cards, i.e. taking a chance on the suits of the second cards and barely grabbing the final two cards … but this time it worked and I got under the psychological barrier of 40 seconds by … 6 one-hundredth of a second :slight_smile: