Plateau in Number Memorisation

Hi Everyone,

I am relatively new to memory League and have progressed pretty quickly to level 6 in numbers. However, in this level, I am not quite sure what happened but now I am finding it difficult to even memorise 20 digits properly. I am using a 2 digit major system which I am quite comfortable with but am now finding it difficult to link the numbers. Tried using memory palace along with major system which made it harder as the images were kind of isolated in them which made linking numbers hard. Anyone else reached a plateau? Could you provide some advice on how I can overcome this? I am barely one week into ML and completed memorising /mastering the major system from 00-99 a few days ago. Is it just a matter of time?


Do you use the fixed word system for each number? If you use it, I recommend that you switch to a person-object-action or person-action system.

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Hitting a plateau is very common, so don’t worry about that. Time helps to overcome it, but I would usually also try two different approaches to breaking through them:

  1. Practise at a higher speed than what you are capable of
    If you normally memorise 20 digits in 60 seconds, try memorising 20 digits in 50 seconds (this is possible with the new Auto Advance function on Memory League). Gradually shorten the amount of time you take to memorise, or increase the number of digits. Getting all numbers right is not important. In fact, if you managed to memorise everything, you didn’t push yourself hard enough. Aim for getting ~50-80% correctly. Do this for a few days/a week, and then try again with your normal speed.

  2. Take a break
    Don’t memorise anything for a few days/1 week, or just don’t memorise numbers. It might sound contra-productive, but I’ve managed to break through some of my plateau’s this way.

Good luck!


Congratulations on your quick progress so far!

Using a memory palace/journey is definitely the way to go for numbers - as far as I know, that’s the way all the top competitors do it. But I’d suggest combining 2 or 3 images at each location, making a mini story between them, so nothing is isolated. Or you could switch to a PA or PAO system as @Origen suggested.