Picture to learn on 5 languages the gender of nouns


I am an amateur language lover.
My loves english, german, french, italian and spanish.

My knowledge is different on these languages.

I know it is better to learn less languages at the same time, butI experimenting with an idea.

Gender of nouns can be difficult so I started to draw some pictures, which can help me to remember better the genders in all languages above at thesame time.

So the system is:
French nouns: la=left side, le=right side
German:Der=red color, Die=blue, Das=green;
Spanish:el=big size, la=small, Italian:il=stripes with the german colors, la=fully painted

For learning the words I have constructed sentenses wich contains similar sounding words in Hungarian.

I am new here, so all advice is welcome, about this method.


This is an interesting idea and a cool way to have everything in one location. What I would recommend is to have a palace and have each location represent a language then you can go around the room in a specific way like always start to the right and place the gender nouns. This would allow you to add new languages very easily since the new language would go into the next location.

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Hi @AkosToth, this is a great idea. I imagine, as you learn more and more words, that your room will get very crowded!

You could continue to create separate rooms for different languages and genders in each language. Another idea I have seen (and used myself) is to use Hot and Cold images to remember genders. For example, to remember that fenêtre is feminine, imagine a window on fire, or frosted with ice (depending on your choice of which action suits a particular gender). Creating short stories or sentences that use exclusively one gender can solidify this learning as well.

For an even deeper dive, look at the Marilyn Method. Though this is originally developed for Mandarin, many of the principles of creating a map and strategically placing vocabulary on the map for memory are adaptable for many use cases.


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