Pi number national record (Ukraine). We will beat it! Post #1

What’s up everybody. Today is the day when I decided to beat a national record of pi number memorization (Ukrainian record).

Right now, it is 10 101 numbers.
How will I do it?

I will use memory palace and 1000 – number system that I just finished.
I know, I know, it will be better to play with a new system for a longer time, because then it will be faster to use it. But I can’t wait…

My tactic is simple. I don’t think that this one is the best way to do it, but I’m going to try.
So, I will put 9 numbers on one locus. (3 images, each one consist from 3 numbers).

It looks like this

1-st locus: 016 048 879

2-nd locus: 218 248 957

For each thousand I will have 112 steps in my journey. (111 * 9 = 999, then just 1 number on the last locus).
I plan to update this blog regularly and share with you the outcome.

Once I post this, I will start on the project.

More next time.

Hey Aleksandr, good luck with your Pi record trial.

Update us, if you trial was successful or not.

If it’s successful, then send all the necessary documents to
so that the record can be registered officially

All the best,
current Greek National Record holder for the memorization of Pi

Thank you.