Phrasal verbs


Hi lads,
It’s quite a lot of time since I don’t get on the art of memory forum. I’ve thought over writing a post asking for advices for this particular matter.
I am italian and I would like to get the C1 certification in English by the 18th May.
Well, I’ll have to revise or learn a lot of words that I don’t commonly use in English. Among those words there are a lot of phrasal verbs.

At the moment, as an exercise to recall the phrasal verbs, I just simply keep on reading phrasal verbs matched with their own meanings in my language. Then, I try using them in exercises or “back-translations” of sentences from my mother tongue to English.

Can You suggest me a good method in order to learn and revise phrasal verbs in the shortest possible time?

Thanks in advance and,

Best Regards,


Hi, bro!

If you have until the 18th of May, the very best way is to use Anki, either on your cell phone or computer.

If you’d have more time and enjoy learning English, I’d say read literature. Go for books you find riveting and read voraciously. You’ll have a ton of fun and it’d give you better language as well.x