photographic memory

I just posted something similar in the general chat area describing my experience with this. But if you could get into a deep hypnosis like state where you brainwave is very slow near the sleep state and somehow visualize a piece of sheet music you’d likely have something like a photo image of it. For me it’d be looking at a chart or sheet music and being able to know as quickly as my address and phone number the chord changes and words to each verse and the phrasing of each solo. You’d never make a mistake. But as I said in that other post when you are in that brainwave state you are too sluggish to think of much. You are very aware but like just staring into space.

I’ve not come across a method like this working.

Although a deep hypnotic state usually involves visualisation and use of other senses to make the trance effective. These techniques, are what are used in memory anyway. I suggest that you tackle memorisation of music in a different wayy, engaging with the music itself as opposed to a piece of paper.

I don’t have the answers, I’m working on integrating songs into a peg system. That said I’ve had best success with using a roman room and using loci for lyrics and sections.

let my know how you get on.