Phoneticmnemonic Shutting Down?

Hello everybody! I noticed the other day that phoneticmnemonic is being shut down. For those who don’t know, the website plugin is designed to convert numbers into words for memory palaces and is based on the major phonetic system. I personally have obtained great value from it and was very upset to hear that it will be discontinued as of September! Does anybody know of a similar website or even who the webmaster is of phoneticmnemonic? Thanks yall.


Hi Aaron hate to see a good resource shut down. Have you tried to send a message to the feedback contact?
In the meantime,
This is one option:

another one is

There are many more, try a google search " major system lookup" or ‘major system tool’ . good luck .

Thanks Dinob! I’ll have to check those out! Unfortunately, the webmaster email is dysfunctional according to what I saw.