Phamacy, Mnemonics and The Health Care Fields as a Whole

Hi everyone. I have a thought that I would like to share. My name is Kevin and I am currently a second year pharmacy student. As I have learned about mnemonics and learning as a whole, I have come to realize, the hard way, that it is very challenging to properly apply mnemonics techniques in high pace fields like pharmacy. In the same way I have notice that there are plenty of resources and aids for fields like Medicine and Nursing, because of their popularity, whereas fields like Pharmacy, which tend to be a bit more of obscure in nature, lack many of these learning and memorization aids that the other fields enjoy.

Hence why I would like to ask if there are other students out there like me who would like to share how they handle information on a daily basis, as well as how they go about memorizing such information. I am still surviving my current semesters, but I genuinely feel like I am struggling every day, despite being two years into the program. I have personally used some techniques here and there, but I have failed to consistently used them or better yet, develop a system that could be employed on a daily basis.

One of the biggest challenges of fields like Pharmacy, when compared to others like Nursing and Medicine, is its abstract nature. Medicine and Nursing, in general, tend to be visual fields with a great amount of “hands-on” activities. Pharmacy on the other hand, is a very specific and abstract field, dealing with information that often times feels like computer data. In the same way, because it a “niche” profession, focusing primarily on Drugs, we need to learn a great deal of painful details for every medication that we encounter as compared to our inter-professional colleagues.

Hence the nature of the field, paired with a lack of resources and aids, makes it quite challenging for students like me, who want to do good and truthfully learn the material that is being study, not just to barely pass exams.

Therefore, if there is anyone out here who can relate to what I am expressing in this writing, I would like to learn from you, see what has worked for you and understand how you have been able to apply mnemonics on a constant basis.

Thank you all, for your time and contribution.

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