Personal Bests (Cards, Words and Names)

I’m just recording this as part of my training record.

Speed Cards: 50.11 49.43 49.08
Speed Words (5 min): 140
Random Words (15 min): 300
Names and Faces: 152

My speed cards time is obviously nothing to write home about, but I’ve tried so hard for so long to get down to 1 card per second that I am unbelievably chuffed!

The random words (5 min) result improves on the world record significantly. I don’t always do that well, but I beat the world record consistently enough now to feel confident about it. Having said that, I fully expect that between now and WMC 2016 Marwin will set a new WR of about 7000!

I was initially very excited about abstract images. Since then, I’ve learned that a number of the top competitors have simply memorised the types of images and categorised them. Now it bores me and I think, “What’s the point?”

There’s absolutely no reason that abstract images couldn’t be genuinely random to make systemisation harder. Why not study snowflake images or fingerprints?

Names and faces: I get around 150. However, this is an event where I think the randomisation works against it. There’s a scene in The Big Bang Theory, where someone says, “Guess who…” And Sheldon says, “Mohammed Lee.” He reasons that Mohammed is the most common chosen name and Lee the most common family name. Apparently, he was good at statistics, but poor at probability!

As such, the current arrangement of Names and Faces is silly and makes the event pointless.

I should add - Hour Cards: 15 decks (780). But it’s not really an event that appeals to me.


I just wanted to say that I’ve been profiting very much from your posts, specially the “How to breakthrough plateaus” one. Ironically, the most important point to me right now is exactly the only one you didn’t elaborate (#3).

Congratulations on your impressive results and a Happy New Year!


Thanks, Tammish. That’s kind of you to say.

Yeah, I didn’t elaborate on number three at all because it didn’t seem particularly insightful.

Feel free to add to that post, or ask questions of the points raised. There are plenty here who know far more than I!

After having not worked on any memory event - except words - for well over a year, I had a go at a deck just now.

I was pleased with 52:46. Not too bad! :slight_smile: