Personal best

today I set a new personal best which took me 4 years of training, I have memorized 80 random spoken numbers at a rate of half a second per number! and I also think this is my most impressive record even more than 80 numbers in 20s in ML or a deck of cards in 24 seconds in ML. my goal in this year to do the same with 100 random numbers! I hope you enjoyed the video :slight_smile:


Nice work sir. I have been following you in this forum for a while now, seems like you are making wonderful progress. Would you mind If I ask what system do you use and what’s your training schedule? Any advice for a newcomer? Any post in here that you share valuable information?

Keep us posted!


for numbers I use an unique method because I’m too lazy to create full PAO so I have numbers with 2 images one person and one object and numbers with only one image person or an object and I place 6 numbers at a locus and when I create the story its randomly and depends the numbers. I also have an aphantasia and I cannot see mental images inside my mind