Pentamind Documentary

“Pentamind Documentary - The Ultimate Mind Sports Championship”

Just as elite sportsmen yearn for Olympic gold, a special breed of mental athlete is obsessed by one all consuming desire – to become Pentamind world champion. Filmed entirely at JW3, Pentamind tells the tale of this fiendish contest, while exploring the heady world of competitive board gaming and the spell it casts over those who compete for love and glory.

Does anyone know more about this documentary? It’s mentioned here:

Their 2019 Mind Sports Olympiad (MSO) Memory Championship is happening on August 18th in London. Is anyone here going?

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It doesn’t mention who is being documented.

I’d love to go to the event in London, creating a block of time is a huge issue for me. I hope to make it in the future at least once to get an experience.

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