Participate memory league competition

How can I participate in a memory league competition?


There are two types of competitions, Iā€™d say:

  • Online Memory League Championship - runs every couple of months and registration usually opens a couple of weeks before each season starts (announcement here on the Forum as well as the Memory League website). In this mode you have to play roughly ~1 game per week for a period of 2 months. I have no clue when the next season will start though. Maybe in November, but maybe only in February?
  • Physical/Virtual Memory League Championships - Happen every now and then, but where they get announced/how to sign up might vary depending on who organises them. Your best best is to follow this Forum and maybe check on the Memory League website every now and then, and simply register when you get a chance. These championships are more like the normal tournaments you also see in other sports. One of the next ones is the African-European Open which will take place in October & November. Sign-up for this should probably open very soon.

The next Memory League competition is going to be:
African-European Open - Qualifiers
Which is held from October onwards. ANYONE can enter this event, which is Online. So it is played from your home, :slight_smile: