PAO VS PO for digits. Also 1 digit vs 2?

If I’m using PAO or PO for memorizing strings of numbers, how much more beneficial would it be to make double digit images? Let’s say I only make images for 0-9. Make 1 number a person then add action and object. Or would it be easier to do 00-99. Would endeavoring just 0-9 not be worth my time? Gratias tibi

yes, it is worth the effort to create a PAO 00/99 system. In fact, the number memorization system is very personal.
I recommend creating an image for 00/99 and an image for every hundred (100,200,300,400 …) and one for every thousand (1000,2000,3000 …). I particularly adapted the Ben Pridmore system for my language, creating a word for each pair of numbers 00/99 following the rule consonant = number (1 = t, 2 = n, 3 = m etc.) for example: 23 = NeMo (the goldfish in the film). The image for each thousand is a person I know well with the initial of the system depending on number (1000 = Tiago, 2000 = Nathalie, 3000 = Mayane …). The image for each hundred is something that aesthetically resembles the first number (100 = pencil, 200 = swan, 300 = heart …). So, for example, 1723, I imagine my school friend, Tiago, playing a boomerang on the NeMo goldfish. 1000 = Tiago (starts with t, 1 = t). 700 = Boomerang (looks like a seven if so positioned) and 23 = NeMo (n = 2, m = 3).

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