PAO - Two digit numbers as one number or two numbers

I’m working on my 2-digit PAO system. Do you find it’s better to think of the numbers as a pair of numbers or a single number?

For example, Cinderella is 24 in my system. Should I remember that Cinderella is “two-four” or should I remember that Cinderella is “twenty-four”?

In either case, what about the zeros? Michael Jordan is 02. Is that “two” or “zero-two” or even “oh-two”? In my mind I keep saying “oh-two” but I think that’s probably bad because it’s using a word instead of a digit.

Any reason you can’t just go with “24” instead of either “two-four” or “twenty-four”?

Neither one nor the other. You should not say this, otherwise it will become a habit and will only slow down your speed. You must learn to see the number and immediately evoke the image of a person in your imagination. Reacting solely to a visual stimulus.

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That’s my second option. I was just writing it out in an attempt to be clear. To write it another way, when I see Cinderella, should I think “2-4” or “24”?

But I’m talking about going the other way. When I’m walking through my memory palace I will see Cinderella. I need to translate that back to a number.

Personally, I’m not going to try to enter any competitions. I just want to memorize things like credit card numbers, birthdays, etc. I was just wondering what others did when getting started.