PAO Translation Question

I have a question regarding the translation of numbers with a PAO system.

As I continue to practice the PAO systems that I have established I have been using the P-A-OO format.

Take for example this number.


Based on my PAO system here is what the numbers represent.


When you translate numbers in your mind do recite the each PAO?

Hulk - Runs - Volleyball - College Students

Or, do you automatically come up with a story?

Hulk runs and with volleyball and throws it to a group of College Students

I know it’s still early in the game but coming up with the correct PAO’s on top of generating a story has been a challenge.

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Hey Chris, I haven’t created a PAO system for numbers yet, only for cards.

However, I have tried to make the actions possibly aligned with the objects as much as possible. I wouldn’t use actions like “running”, “walking” or “flying”, but instead limit myself to actions that can be applied to objects - e.g. hitting, lifting up, throwing on the floor, cleaning or chewing.

Of course, with 2704 possible combinations I might get unlucky ones as well - for example :clubs:3-:spades:5 translating to “covering his/her face with a hospital”.


I find yours perfect! I would use that if it came to me first. Hulk runs throwing the ball to the students. As long as youre in a situation where you cant mistake Throwing for an action…

But I wouldnt worry too much about that though, because with practice, simply being conscious of the fact that Throwing isnt a number in this case makes it so I dont put enough emphasis on the Throwing part in creating my images; or so much less emphasis than on the rest.

The first image that comes up for me :grin::

Hulk s feet are big volleyballs and hesrunning towards the students

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Thank you for your feedback. Now in your minds eye do you actually say the words or does the image automatically appear for you?

Unless it’s words I’m trying to remember, I usually don’t say them. I create the images as if I’d be drawing them and my memory palace is the canvas, no words are needed, but I still sometimes put the image in words, especially if it’s something I’m learning long-term, because I take more time trying to live the image in as many ways as I can imagine.


That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you again.