PAO to memorize less then six digits


This may be a stupid question and I apologise for that, but i’m trying to use the PAO system.
It is ok to memorize 6 digits like 865816 for me it would be homer simpson barbecuing weights (person from 86, action from 58, object from 16).

But when i try to memorize 8658 (reduced to homer simpson barbecuing) it feels like something is missing.

Am I doing it right?

Also the same happens with a odd number of digits ex: 865.

Any tips will be much appreciated.



Other systems such as Dominic O’Brien’s just uses a person and action. You could always add a “dummy” object that you know is only used when there is not a third set of numbers. For 8658, you could see Homer Simpson barbecuing a dog (if dog was your “dummy” object).

On this forum, Yan gave me good advice for the single digit problem, and I have since incorporated it. Create rhyming or image-similar objects for the singles. I’ve since seen it called the NumberShapeSystem. I have a candle for 1, a snake for 2, etc. Just make sure that you don’t use an object that you are using for 00-99. So, for 865, you could have Homer Simpson with a “beehive” falling on his head.

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I like the idea of a dummy object.