PAO technique question

So I am on the verge of creating my PAO system. Being somewhat obsessive, I want to get this right.

I plan to use the Dominic System. So here is my basic question; in creating a person-action-object system, is the verb an important element in recalling? What I am trying to determine is whether or not to use the P as one element and the AO as another, or to use the verb as its own identifier.

so if I have:

20 = Bobby Orr slapping a hockey puck, and
71 - Gomez Adams kissing Morticia

I can memorize 2071 as Bobby Oar kissing Morticia

The dilemma is if I want to memorize a 6 digit number;

20 = Bobby Orr slapping a hockey puck, and
71 - Gomez Adams kissing Morticia, and
31 - Charles Atlas lifting weights

so then 207131 becomes Bobby Orr Kissing Weights

Or is it best to use the AO combo and just use the image of:

Bobby Orr kissing Morticia while Charles Atlas watches

This decision will drive me creating a unique and “strong” verb for every digit pair

Any experience would be much appreciated

PAO is usually for 3 chunks of numbers – like 12-34-56 or 123-456-789.

I think “207131 becomes Bobby Orr Kissing Weights” would be the best way to do it.

I second Joshs comment. If you truly are obsessive, and plan to use your systems to compete, you will thoroughly regret not making a more complex system early on. Trust me, Ive learnt from bitter experience… Going from PA to PAO is still given me problems. Problems I’m sure I could have avoided if I started out with PAO.

Thanks…I’ll bank on the future and create a real P-A-O system

I completed dominic person action system but recently I am starting PAO system. The problem is that while I generate an action and object for a person should these actions only include bodily actions? Like lifting, kicking spitting?
I have 10= benjamin franklin flying a kite
63= rock (wrestler)hammering rock
Flying kite includes kite string and string holder and object kite. And hammering includes making actions with the help of objects to interact object wrong?Every action of mine does not seem consistent merged with another persons objects.
For eg 16= arnold lifting weights and 02=o brien shuffling cards. If I have to remember 10-02-16 then what’s the visual image ?shuffling weights? And how to visualize shuffling weights? Or should I make changes in action? Any suggestions is appreciated .

Hello curious guy,

Josh’s amazing wiki page has a long list of actions on its PAO page:

It’s really useful.

Ideally your PAO should definitely have 100 actions that work well with all 100 objects. I know that’s 10000 combinations. There is really two ways to tackle problems/tough visuals in your case: 1) change the action to something that’s easier to visualize or 2) be more creative in your visualization.

I would go for option two. I understand that shuffling weights is tricky. But allow your mind to flatten the weights (maybe disc weights like the ones used for bench press) and then have your person shuffling those.

In my opinion this is part of what is so amazing about memory techniques, that they allow you to use your creative and imaginary side on something as practical and systemized as numbers. So challenge the imagination.

IF that fails, you can start considering changing the action, cause granted some actions just suck. Like bad ex girlfriends some actions or persons of mine have stuck around for far too long, and I’ve just been relieved to be rid of them. Ah, 62, I forget what you used to be, but I’m very glad that you are now Serius Black.

Hope it helps and good luck,

Thanks krismopolitan.I am going for visualization. I have now about forty action object pair left.

Thanks… That page is collaboratively edited*, so many people can take credit. I don’t remember who added the actions, but the full list of contributors is here. :slight_smile:

I completed PAO thanks to action list of wiki

I finished PAO. I formed action lists without associating persons to the action( I use Dominic system for person) for fear of visualizing the unwanted like in PA system when i see 1533 i say Albert Einstein writing a blackboard ,then edit, and get to Albert Einstein breaking cane(action of Charlie Chaplin). i created deck in ANKI for only actions corresponding to numbers but i still have not visualized the persons doing these action. Should i just cram the p,a, and o separately ? what should be done to dissociate after associating the person with action and object ? i am stuck here and any help is helpful

123-456-789 example is only possible if you have 001-999 system prepared (more expansive version) ?