PAO system

Something has always baffled me with PAO. I know it starts with 00 and end with 99 thus giving you 100 images x 3 = 300 (i.e. Person, Action and Object)?

But we don’t count from 0 but from 1. Wouldn’t my 00 (Ozzy Osbourne, Biting-off, head of a Bat) be better represented as 100? Surely we count from 1 to 100 and not 00 to 99. This is something that I have always found confusing. In short I guess what I mean is my PAO system has to start with 01 = Quaker OAts guy and not with 00 = Ozzy Osbourne. Surely Ozzy Osbourne must be 100? Can’t 00 be 100??

This is not about counting, I think. It is about assigning values to numbers.
You can put the numbers in any order and begin with 33 or 22 if you wish. But 100 has 3 characters “1” “0” and “0”, while 00 has two.

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If you wanna learn strings of digits, then 00 needs an image, and not 100 (excepts if you create a 3-digits number system, but that’s another story). For example, the string 950041 is separated like that : 95-00-41 (people 95, action 00 and object 41.) Then if you wanna count, you can convert the 00 to 100, that’s not a problem.


I see what you mean. Thanks

Ok so if I understand this correctly we won’t have the number 100 in the P-A-O system but only a “00”. So say I wish to recite 600 digits of PI, I will need: 1) a memory palace with 100 locations and 2) a list of 00 to 99 of persons, actions and objects (i.e. 600 images). I seem to be half-way there as I have my 600 images for P-A-O but now I need to construct a 100 locations memory palace. I assume journey method, Roman Room, Loci and Memory Palace are all one and the same thing?


There are debates about the specifics, but essentially, yes. At least close methods.

Is it really a “debate” when people share their personal definitions of synonymous terms? :wink: There’s a bigger difference between The United Kingdom and Great Britain.

Only difference is name hahaha.
Rest is totally same.

Many memory coach for making it his own techniques, they named themselves.
Like picture method, screen method…

I gather that one can actually use anything concrete for Loci. Pegwords that follow an alphabetical order would be one such example or even a small Excel grid such as A1, A2, A3…A10, B1, B2, B3 etc. etc. where the cells are represented by images such as: A1 = Ate, A2 = AwN, A3 = AiM etc. etc. I recollect seeing a grid similiar to this in one of Harry Lorrayne’s books, so obviously it uses the ‘Major System’. Carrying through to J1 = JeT, J2 = JoaN (of Arc), J3 = Jam etc. In fact anything one is familiar with in terms of ordering would work.

yeah, well some using chess blockes like memory palace too.

Total 64 locations.

That’s a great idea too. Only you are limited to 64 squares or cells