PAO system question

Hey guys. quick question.
I just started learning a PAO. My goal is speed. I want the people action and object to come directly into my mind the moment I see or think of a number.
I purposely didn’t use a major system so to help me with this.

So I put the people into anki and I’m almost done memorizing them, but now when i start learning the actions I’m a bit worried that i wont have that instant recall when i’m memorizing it. That in my mind I’ll think 07… james bond… .shooting… gun. Instead i wanna think 07… gun. If that makes sense.

So i was thinking putting the actions in a different order then the people. So that even though when i was writing it down I originally wrote James Bond shooting a gun for number 7, in anki I would remember james bond, kicking, and basketball for that number.

Do you guys think this would be a good idea?
Once again, speed of recall is super important to me. I want the images to come directly into my head with as little lag as possible

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Try moving away from SVO sentence structure. It matches the PAO too much. Things are happening all at once. In English you can try passive voice for starters, “The gun that was shot by James Bond.”

A bit more awkward in English (still grammatically correct though), “Shooting his gun is what James Bond does.” This way you can get it all the way to AOP.

Ultimately, you want an image in your head that is all of this at once. Don’t fall for this false chronology of PAO just because we normally structure English sentences like that.

Hope that makes sense… maybe have a look at Japanese sentence structure and philosophize over why a POA system makes more sense if you mostly think in Japanese.

I assume you chose James Bond for 07 because it’s so close to 007, so that connection will always be there. Using a non-JB action will just cause interference with this existing association.


@Josh do you have any tips as well?

I don’t understand how remembering james bond kicking a basketball would be better. What’s your thought process there?

One thing you can try is to go through your numbers only thinking of the person, or the action, or the object.

For example, use a random number generator and say it puts out 003056. Instead of doing 00 person --> 30 action --> 56 object, you would just think of the person for each of those, or just the action, or just the object.

This is just practice for recognition, not for memorizing.

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I’m not sure. I don’t use PAO. The way I made my associations automatic was to practice reading a lot of numbers and doing the conversions. After a while I would sometimes see the image before I saw the number. An image would appear in my head and I would then know that the number was unconsciously somewhere in my field of vision.

I used paper sheets like these to practice: How do I memorize a mnemonic number or card system?

The generated sheets show each number only once, so you can be sure that you’re getting practice reading all the numbers. With 2-digit PAO there are 1 million possibilities, so it’s impossible to practice all of them. If it would help I could create another generator that puts each number in each position once (300 images per set).

thanks guys.
I think im going to memorize it in anki first. I’ll let you know if I can use the sheet afterwards, i don’t wanna waste your time. Thanks so much for offering though.

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