PAO speed memory question

Hi All,
I’ve recently started practicing number memorization on the memory league site. I have already created my PAO list, which after 6 months is still difficult to remember everything. I’m beginning to think my actual memory isn’t capable of improving :frowning:

For sake of speed, how do you all link the PAO’s together. I can usually memorize a set of six digits, but then linking them is the difficult part. Do you just come up with action items on the fly? Or is there a speedy efficient way to link them together? I’m only at 18 digits after 60 seconds.


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One issue I’m struggling with is if I use an action item to link the 6 digits, it could potentially cross over with an action item on my PAO list and confuse me…

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You can also try to put only 2 images per location…for starters try it with only 5 locations ( I’e 20 numbers…if you can successfully do it then move to 7 locations till u are able to do it with 10 locations) by this I mean instead of going PAO u can end at a person doing an action. Results will eventually come.

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That’s a great idea. Thank you! One thing I’ve noticed after training for a few days is that I get hung up on trying to visualize the scene in my head from random digits in a minute time span.

For example -

58 = Ed Helms - the Person
38 = Pulling out - the Action
55 = Ice Rink - The object

For some reason when I try to think of what this scene looks like, I start getting confused. Then everything starts getting jumbled together. Maybe this is an issue with creativity as I’m a pretty literal person? Going back to the PAO I created I have a hard time seeing variations or deviations of the original. Not sure if that makes sense?


How is it going? Have you made progress?