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My question is: how do you implement the PAO system in which the amt of digits in the string of numbers is not divisible by 6?
If: 12= Spiderman shooting webs
23= Tom Hanks sitting on a bench
34= Brad Pitt shooting a gun
Then what is the string 12-23-34-12?
Does that mean I need to use two loci?: The first being Spiderman sitting on a gun, the second being Spiderman shooting webs?
What is the string 12-23-34-1?
The PAO system uses a two digit system right? What do I do with a single digit at the end of a 7 digit string? (or a 13 digit, 19 digit, etc.)
What do I do if the two digits repeat?
What is 12-12-12?
Do I picture Spiderman shooting webs three times? Three of them in a single loci?
Sorry for a jumbled post, I’m new here.

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  1. In the case of 12-23-34-12. You would need to use two loci. The first for the PAO and the second could just have spidering there.

  2. For 12-23-34-1 you would need a system for encoding single digits as well. For example in the number shape system the number 1 usually becomes a stick.

  3. If the digits repeat then you would treat it how you treat any other PAO, a single loci, a single image, just spiderman shooting webs. Single the P, A and O all come from spiderman it should tell you that the number was 121212

  • Sorry I mean Spiderman not spidering. Stupid autocorrect

Excuse me checking the number is divisible by six is actually much faster then memorisation, don’t?

123456 divisible of 6?
mental process:
Divisible by 2, and get 61728.
6+1+7+2+8=24 and is divisible by 3.
So the statement is true.

You misunderstood my question. I was asking about what happens when the amt of digits in the string is not divisible by 6, not the value of the string itself

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If you wanna you can put 8 digits at 1 loci too.

1 )12 23 32 12 (8 digits)

Spiderman sitting on Gun - webs (guns that is covered with webs)

2 ) 12 23 34 1 (7 digits)

Spiderman sitting on gun (bullet)
Just say gun (and don’t say bullet, imagine after looking 1 bullet without saying any thing)

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